Humane society of Silicon Valley Gold LEED certification granted to the United States Green Building Council

MILPITAS, Calif., Sept 27/PRNewswire-USNewswire/–kivutonta Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) has become the first nation community Center of animals for the purpose of duty-free entry of the u.s. Green Building Council LEED (LeaderSHIP on energy and environmental Design) Gold certification.

Carol Novello, HSSV’s President said “we can achieve Gold LEED certification for us by reducing our demands for the transmission of electricity and water conservation technologies and products through the different status of animal treatment at the same time art ‘.”Our animals with a view to the progressive community Center represents the transition to management, and has in fact become an inspiring model of humane treatment, community participation and green building design nationwide shelters. “

  “In addition, by investing in the HVAC, building high quality premium scheme and practices and VOC products, we have greatly improved the health and well-being of our animals,” said Novello. 

“Our old port, stress, small cages, overcrowding and poor air exchange created upper respiratory infection and kennel Cough the perfect environment.In our new animal Community Center, both quantity and quality of our environment has improved significantly.The animals are kept in a single room with 100% of the condos, such as the air exchange in particular Noise factor-. dog habitats-is significantly reduced, allowing the dogs sleep without interruption. our cats barking dogs anymore is screened or searched up to and continuous sound. The new feline environments using also the natural problems, such as stretching, hide, and climb vertically. ”

Solar system and other energy and water efficiencies

HSSV’s solar system is the largest solar plant Milpitas. owned and Tioga energy, commercial, Government and non-profit institutions, renewable energy sources in the Member State where the service provider is hosted by photovoltaic system went live in July 2010.274 KW solar parking structure and situated in a quiet street in the tone of the systems consist of 1,335 photovoltaic (PV) modules.One day, starting with the order at HSSV’s animal Community Center, estimated 33% of all energy to create a significant energy throughout the service life of the system.Waiting for fiscal year 2011, HSSV solar installation help save up to EUR 50000 for energy costs in your organization.

Solar is only one part of the center Green attributes: animal community was constructed, using 90% of the funds, the old building of the concrete and energy and water efficiency technologies set includes:
A very effective kennel, cleaning system to ensure that, when you use the appropriate means of disinfection at the kennels only 2.2 gallons per minute. wheel of HVAC system to intercept and reinterpret heating and air filtering and offer 100% air exchange. Reflective “cool” the roof of the building in the winter the Sun reduces the heating and air conditioning in the summer to reduce costs. Strategic building placement and use Windows and the sun light pipes provide natural lighting for more than 75% of the building’s interior space to the status of sensors to control lighting.. hereinafter referred to as bioswales to intercept and clean rainwater run-off, of course, before it enters the water treatment system, which reduces the energy of pure water is needed; Artificial dog parks and landscape original accompanying the turf eliminates the need for regular water.

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