Standard solar CEO calls the Industry customers and Energize, the allies Counter fossil fuels industry

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS Wire)–Standard Solar CEO Tony Clifford today urged the 29,000-plus solar power industry professionals gathered in Los Angeles this week — and kollegoidensa nationwide — clean energy power supply customers support Sun, cutting costs, as far as possible and to continue to progress in public administration officials, replaces the old coal-fired electric power plants for new solar photovoltaic systems to support growth.
“After the fossil fuels industry comes from the Sun and we have to fight back,” said Clifford, who was part of the annual CEO Roundtable, the 10th annual Solar Power International Conference and Exposition.”The American people to support the environment, national security, weather, and religious reasons – designate a limited number of the Sun at the moment, we do not. [1] [2] may respond to a dollar Big Oil ‘ Big coal ‘ spend lobbying in Washington, but we energize Americans in support of the Sun, the vast majority of.”

Clifford has helped, guide, Rockville, MD-based Standard Solar receive leading renewable energy company, Inc. magazine list of fastest growing private companies in America by growth.Standard solar system is the leading full service development and installation of the Sun in electric systems for commercial, Government and residential customers financing.

Even if the current U.s. Congress stopped as well as climate and renewable energy sources that are active in the field of legislation, Clifford said Sun customers and allied fields of the environment and other groups can achieve a similar effect on the State level, by preventing a new coal fired power plants are allowed. “The cost of the solar system, is now a new coal plants involved in the competition. Add-ins should be required to consider the Sun option before the entry into force of the new power plants are allowed. U.s. future electric generating capacity needs to be achieved more sustainable solar and other renewable energy sources, “he added.

Clifford urged companies to “work with your customers, they are the best. sales people, and they vote!”He added: “the aid equivalent of local and regional environment and other pro-solar groups.Together, we can convince our politicians that the Sun is an American people choice. “

“It is amazing how much more friendly politicians get the Sun when they hear about the Sun, their constituents and in their regions,” Clifford added.

Join Clifford, the CEO Roundtable, Nokia Center in were: Dan Shugar, Managing Director and Solaria; Terry Wang, Chief Financial Officer of Trina solar; and Matthew Baker, Colorado Public utilities Commissioner. session is moderated by FORTUNE magazine Marc Gunther.

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