California Governor Host Leaders of the Global Summit on climate change

Published on 1. Nov 2010

California be .gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that many prominent leaders from around the world are participating in the “Directors ‘ Global Summit 3: Building the green economy” held Nov. 15 and 16, the University of California, Davis.

Participants and speakers must include the award-winning film producer and Director James Cameron, actor Harrison Ford, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, recipient of the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rajendra k. Pachauri, and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell.

“I am proud that we can bring together world-renowned leaders in cooperation with such important issues that affect us all. Is not a better way, climate change has a devastating effect on the US and the economy than by creating partnerships around the world, as well as global climate change will affect the movement, “said Mr. Schwarzenegger press release about the event.

He also announced the Summit of the co-hosts: Michigan be .gov. Jennifer m. Granholm, Washington should be .gov. Chris Gregoire, Wisconsin be .gov. Jim Doyle and Oregon be .gov. Ted Kulongoski.

Many of the major participants are be .gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, Cebu, Philippines; On the contrary be .gov. They Duanqi, Yunnan, China; Director General Gao Guangsheng Climate solution to the National Development Reform Commission in the people’s Republic of China;Ambassador Richard Jones, the International Energy Agency in Paris;apulaisjohtajaPavan Sukhdev, head of the Green Economy initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme;Be .gov Emmanuel Uduaghan Delta State Eweta, Nigeria; and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Schwarzenegger hosted her be .gov. cooperate with the United Nations development agenda and co-sponsored by THE UNEP and UC Davis, this year, the Summit continues to expand, in collaboration with the network to share kansanterveydellisestä policies and strategies to stimulate economic growth, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, green jobs, promote clean energy solutions to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas.The participants ‘ works to deepen and expand cooperative efforts to extend the scope of the “green” economies and emissions reduction strategies that achieve equivalent overall emission run.

“UNEP is pleased to announce the official release of the Directors-General of the forces in the Global Climate Summit 3 California State with. in particular, we are delighted that the limiter has decided to concentrate on the margins of the Summit, further building the green Economy ‘ as this is an issue that side of the world, to contribute to the UNEP” said Amy Fraenkel, North America, UNEP Regional Office Director.

Last year, the California Governor and officials of the United Nations welcomed the more than 1,200 participants, more than 70 countries, provinces and countries of the Directors-General, Global Summit 2 in Los Angeles.

This year the leaders Summit offers the opportunity to influence the kansanterveydellisestä Cancun, Mexico, the UNITED NATIONS Climate Change, the Governments of the 2010 Conference in advance of the positions in December.

The Directors General of the Global Climate Summit 3 occurs, the history of the University-research-and take advantage of environmental sustainability and green jobs, UC Davis, Davis, UC. P.B., Chancellor of Linda Katehi is scheduled to participate in the Summit opening ceremony Nov. 15.

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