Alcatel-Lucent-Host Solar Power System at Bell Labs to the global headquarters

MURRAY HILL, n., SAN JOSE, Calif. and VALHALLA, N.Y., 3. Nov 2010/PRNewswire/–in 1954, Bell Labs accentuated by the Sun in the development of technology to create a solar panels turn off the electricity grid supports live American farmers telephone service.  Today, more than 50 years later, Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU)-together with SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB) and ConEdison Development (CED) announced that the 1-megawatt solar power system on the ground, is installed in the headquarters of the company Bell Labs in Murray Hill on the campus, n., the system is expected to be operational next spring.

SunPower to design and install a solar array system using SunPower T0 trackers, which places more than to follow the solar panels in the CIG solar mobility during the day. capture sunlight trackers, increase up to 25% of the conventional fixed tilt systems through the use of land, while at the same time a considerable reduction of the requirements. 

Bell Labs on campus, occupy six acres in the 200-acre site in SunPower system they cause approximately 2,5 million dollars over the course of the next 15 years to achieve cost savings.  It surrounds the decorative fencing, and the landscape, which contains a wide variety of mostly original, durable, deer resistant trees, shrubs and vegetables and is designed for color and visual interest throughout the year. 

“We are excited about the solar system because the Bell Labs research solar technology employed, so this connects the Bell Labs in our past, but looking to the future,” said Jung Kim, President of Bell Labs. “Alcatel-Lucent has occurred a serious commitment to environmental sustainability, and this is a light honor this commitment in one step. we will try to act their own networks more sustainable technology, which has a large number of customers in the Bell Labs research focus.Alternative energy sources to give power to the people-of-the-art communications systems and modern communication technologies (ICT) in the benefits, even if they do not have access to the power grids in a sustainable manner. solar system gives us a hands-on experience of its capabilities. “

  Bell Labs in 1954 developed by solar panels can create 50 Watts/square yard surface enough power to supply telephone service 1950-century farming family.  The panels have been developed and delivered under the SunPower each create a 318 Watts is created on the basis of the average New Jersey of more than 200 homes the equivalent amount of power for an annual volume of 1, 2-megawatt system.

  The US EPA estimates provided by the system of carbon dioxide offset more than 25000 tonnes of production for more than 30 years, equivalent to more than 8,500 cars from New Jersey Highways. 

ConEdison Development, Valhalla Consolidated Edison, Inc., which develops energy, NY-based subsidiary intends to develop the design of the project, given export and construction through the consent of SunPower.ConEdison Development of own and use the system, while SunPower to design and build it.ConEdison Development, which also owns the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy solar energy credits (SRECs) and system related to the environmental benefits.

“The Sun in New Jersey today for utilities, businesses and homes would be a good candidate for a reasonable and attractive incentives for the taking, provided by the complement,” said Jim Pape, SunPower’s residential and business group President of the United States.”SunPower’s turnkey services and reliable solar technology Increase emission free, abundant in the land of the rising sun, and it offers long-term benefits.We congratulate ConEdison development and Alcatel-Lucent for their leadership. “

Mark Noyes, ConEdison Development Vice President “in the Country and the world in the future companies are aimed at the protection of the environment by removing perhesuunnittelua commitment to renewable energy sources,” said. “If the New Jersey State according to the use of incentives, Alcatel-Lucent is the determination of the outstanding example of business by supporting clean solar. we are proud of the SunPower – one of the world’s most important suppliers of solar energy systems cooperating – Alcatel-Lucent to help meet their commitment to the sustainability of the admirable “.

ConEdison Development with two agreement to carry out on-the-Alcatel-Lucent in addition to its contract with SunPower. the first is the power of a purchase contract with Alcatel-Lucent undertakes to purchase energy ConEdison Development during the second year, 15. According to the agreement, ConEdison Development leases land installation of Alcatel-Lucent for 15 years. Alcatel-Lucent, which assumes the cost of the installation, please tell us not to buy at a lower price at the retail prices of electricity, partly explained by the fact, New Jersey State incentive program that encourages the development and use of the Sun.

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