The Geological Society of America moved to 100% renewable energy toward

LOUISVILLE, Colo., 4. Nov 2010/PRNewswire/–Geological Society of America (GSA) recently celebrated 65 kW solar energy system, the Boulder City atop have been completed. The new array contains 35% of the building to avoid every year, more than 160,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions from electric annual consumption.

“We are indebted to Xcel Energy and the City of Boulder, in order to ensure that this local access to finance investments in the first of many renewable energy sources, to the extent possible in the GSA. The Society is committed to demonstrate environmental leadership, and we want to know that this funding is in place, other commercial and general interest services “, said the Director-General of the Jack Hess GSA. The building uses 100% renewable energy sources (wind & solar) will enter into force on 1 January 2011, according to him, Hess.”Also, I want to thank Sun Setup, Bella Energy professional workmanship. Hess and expertise for the success of this project was a key reason for” said.

“It is very exciting to work with the GSA,” said Andrew McKenna, Bella Energy CEO. “My family had a close connection with the organisation already for years, since my father was already for a long time. It is great to see that Bella Energy helps to conserve electrical charges money for GSA and continue to environmental leadership. ”

About Bella Bella Energy-the energy of the people have been working to provide Colorado communities of renewable energy sources since 1982.14, in the mid-1990s, large scale solar electrical systems Bella Energy is one of Colorado’s largest solar energy companies.Our goal is to provide solar energy systems, in which the authorize our companies grow in the future, help, families, and communities to thrive.For more information, visit the following Web address:

Information about the Geological Society of America-GSA in 1888 is carried out by international scientific society, academia, Government and industry more than 97 countries more than 22,000 members in its meetings with., publications and programs to improve the professional growth of its GSA members and promote the geosciences mankind-Boulder, Colorado on the service., head office in GSA cooperative research on the Earth, life, planet, and social scientists to encourage, promote sound public dialogue on issues and supports the country’s geoscience in science education at all levels.


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