Connecticut Fund Launches Revised Distributed-Generation Program

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund has launched a revised On-Site Renewable Distributed Generation Program and issued the program’s first request for proposals, for which $5.78 million in funding is available.

The new, competitive program succeeds the highly popular previous version of the program. Given tighter program funding, the Clean Energy Fund says that it adopted program changes to help its staff select and recommend funding for the strongest projects and respond in a timely manner to all program applicants.

The program offers financial support, in the form of grants, to buy down the cost of installing new renewable-energy generating equipment at commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in Connecticut. Eligible technologies include solar photovoltaic, wind, fuel cell, landfill gas, power generation from waste heat recovery, low-emission advanced biomass conversion and certain hydropower technologies.

The intent of the funding is to enable the ultimate owners of the renewable-energy systems to “break even” on their investment over the life of the equipment and earn a fair and reasonable return on investment compared to purchasing the equivalent amount of power from an electric utility company.

Dale Hedman, acting president of the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, said, “We are excited to issue our first RFP under the revised OSDG Program. The new program funding and competitive review process allow us to build on the progress we have made to date supporting the installation of over 200 renewable-energy generating systems at commercial sites throughout Connecticut. Our support is a vital ingredient, helping make on-site renewable energy generation a financially viable option for businesses and institutions.”

Eligible applicants include for-profit companies, not-for-profit companies, municipalities, and state and federal government agencies.

The total funding allocated for projects under the On-Site Distributed Generation Program through June 30, 2012, is $12.86 million. Eligible applicants may apply for funding under the “Best of Class” category or the “Public Buildings” category (for installations at buildings owned by municipalities, state agencies or federal agencies). The organization has made nearly half of the program funding allocation, or $5.78 million, available under the current RFP ($4.43 million for “Best of Class” projects and $1.35 million for “Public Buildings” projects).

There will be a strong emphasis on evaluating the financial feasibility of proposed projects as well as the ability of applicants to complete construction of projects in a timely manner.

The Clean Energy Fund advises that prospective applicants review the program’s request for proposals, which contains detailed information about program eligibility, incentive limits, the application process and the evaluation process. Applications under this round of competition must be submitted by Feb. 28, 2011, at 4 p.m. EST.

Prospective applicants may attend an information session about the program and the current request for proposals at the fund’s offices in Rocky Hill on Dec. 6, 2010.

The staff will evaluate all eligible applications and present funding recommendations to the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund board, which provides all final funding approvals. Funding decisions are to be announced in April 2011.

More information about the OSDG Program is available by visiting

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