Heliodyne Launches Commercial Solar Water Heating Training Program

California based solar hot water manufacturer Heliodyne has expanded its online training curriculum by now offering a course in commercial scale solar thermal design and installation. The advanced course is intended to educate professionals on system and installation topics related to larger commercial scale solar water heating projects. “The training program was developed with the foundation of Heliodyne’s 34 years experience designing commercial solar hot water systems. As a result, no other commercial solar thermal training program has ever been more comprehensive or provided more real world experience and insight to all the details that arise from commercial systems,” says Robert Cooley, Training Manager at Heliodyne.
Training includes topics such as Sizing, Financial Feasibility, Roof Array Design and Piping. The subjects are broken down into short lessons which the student can study at his or her own pace from the convenience of their home or office. “Taking all the trial and error guesswork out of system design and installation will save the solar professional thousands of dollars spent on engineering and unnecessary labor costs. As such, the commercial program is an excellent investment for anyone planning to install commercial solar thermal,” says Ole Pilgaard, president of Heliodyne.

Using a web-based Learning Management System, students are taught through a series of videos and illustrations. After viewing and studying each lesson, the student has the option to take an online exam. Taking and passing the exams is not required but is recommended to ensure the student has a firm grasp on the subject material. Interested attendees can register at http://www.heliodyne.com or by calling the main office at 1.888.878.8750.


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