Skyline Solar Awarded Two Additional Green Patents from the USPTO

Skyline Solar, a manufacturer of High Gain Solar (HGS) arrays for the commercial, industrial, government and utility markets, today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently issued the company two patents which cover key aspects of Skyline Solar’s HGS architecture. The new patents complement the initial omnibus patent received in May under the USPTO’s Green Technology Pilot Program, and are part of a broad and deep portfolio of intellectual property protecting key elements of HGS technology.
The first of the new patents (US 7,820,906), also approved through the Green Technology Pilot Program, covers the Skyline Solar HGS system’s unique panel design and includes innovations in thermal management and mounting systems that keep the cells cool, a key challenge for concentrated solar technologies, and allows for rapid installation. The second patent, approved through the traditional USPTO channels (US 7,825,327), covers the solar collector, and includes innovation embedded in multiple-trough reflector systems which enables high collection efficiency.

“The Green Technology Pilot Program has been critical to establishing the integrity of our intellectual property with potential customers, partners and investors, and has had a significant impact on the solar industry as a whole,” said Thomas Rohrs, CEO of Skyline Solar. “The three patents we have seen issued in last six months solidify Skyline Solar’s foundation of innovation and put us in a great position to grow our business.”

The awarding of three patents by the USPTO thus far in 2010 is just one example of a government initiative where Skyline Solar has experienced success. In 2008, the company was selected by the US Department of Energy through the Solar Energy Technologies Program (SETP; formerly, the Solar America Initiative) for a PV Incubator sub-contract. The program’s goal was to accelerate promising technology into pilot production. The awarding of the contract recognized Skyline Solar for developing a technology that “could make solar energy cost-competitive with conventional forms of electricity.”


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