Tioga Energy appoints financial Veteran as Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer

Tioga energy, renewable energy services for commercial, Government and non-profit communities, in addition to the leading provider of Greg Saunders, Executive Vice President and Group Executive, Chief Financial Officer, announced today. In his new role on Saunders to supervise the Tioga’s economic development and strategic support, such as the company expands its nationwide portfolio of projects.
Saunders brings more than 25 years of financial experience to his position of leadership, Tioga, in the light of the experience of several public and private companies in the commercial real estate and structured financing.

“A broad-based economic help Greg: n is suitable for Tioga’s aggressive business roadmap, and we are fortunate to count him among our crew,” said Paul Detering, CEO of Tioga energy.”We are confident Greg seamlessly stage his new role and to drive the next phase of our development, as we make us of the sites, the substantial increase in 2011 and beyond.”

Tioga energy SurePath ™ Solar power purchase agreement (PPA) enables organizations to support their environmental goals, without the high cost of solar energy systems, our policies will help you install THE WMP.PPA Tioga terms, shall be responsible for the design, construction projects, and sell to their customers, of which it is foreseeable that the clean energy created in the course.

Earlier this year, the company also served on the instrumental partner first successful public and private sector financing and development of the method in the land of the rising sun, in the United States, known as “Morris model.”Tioga matalakorkoisesta municipal bonds are used in the Morris County, NJ (19) Whereas, in order to finance the projects of renewable energy sources, and enabled is not available for tax credits for public benefit from the community.

“I was impressed with the Tioga’s growth during economic stagnation, which is to determine the last will and testament of leadership and to innovate in audacity,” said Saunders, Executive Vice President and CFO, Tioga energy. “I look forward to working alongside the already stellar group as we solidify the position of the Tioga: main financial services company. “

Prior to joining Tioga Saunders served as Chief Financial Officer of Codding investments, green businesses in the investment firm and sustainable real estate developer. [1] [2] he has also held senior Commercial financing, Bridger National Information group and Transcisco Industries, Inc., Saunders earned a master of Business Administration from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business administration and a Bachelor of Arts Macalester College.

About Tioga energy

Tioga Energy allows commercial, Government and non-profit organisations to reduce their energy costs, while at the same time to reduce carbon emissions Through SurePath ™. Solar power purchase agreement (PPA), Tioga energy owns and renewable energy systems that provide organizations with hedge against the volatility of energy prices, and to accelerate their access to clean energy without capital maksuvaatimuksensa works. [1] [2] for more information about 877.333.9787 or visit: http://www.tiogaenergy.com.

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