Collaborative Effort leads to sustainable annual solar PV projects in Nicaragua

Oregon-based new Roots green Energy, empowerment, Portland State University and Sunlight Solar Energy collaborative project lead to a new micro-finance in the land of the rising sun in electric systems annually in Nicaragua, indefinitely.

With the idea of the founder members, Kip Barrett Sunlight Solar and Greg price according to a press release from the Project menu, point to new, and Roots of the energy is coming from. The concept then was offered to students, postgraduate and OSH through accredited lab, Portland State University.

Sunlight solar system donated by four one Panel solar electrical systems and free of charge controllers per micro-finance loan fund for rotating electrical machines, designed by students in the context of the PSU.DRYER Phoenix four system installed and Matagualpa boaco Department, Nicaragua, the whole country, with the provider to Portland State University students in late July and early August.

The new system owners to pay off these four systems of two or three years, at a speed of less than or equal to what they had previously paid kerosene as their energy source, news release said., they will be financed by the Community shall be paid by the Systems of solar electric system for donations to forever of one or two per year.The following 10 years this is donating 20 projects carried out under the responsibility of the individuals in Nicaragua.

“When in Nicaragua, we have learned from the successful improvement project is a personal ownership, combined with the participation of the community.Sales through these systems, on the other hand, the effect is that the micro-finance loan out to give them the right to own them to the members of the community, while at the same time receive the other in their communities, “said Kip Barrett of the project.

The idea was based on case study Greg price, founders of the new Roots Energy cooperative Cooperative processes started by mango fruit. [2] [3] in the case of export products, and it is powered by the wind turbine.

New Roots in Portland wind Energy is a small text file that can be carried out on the basis of a Green empowerment, also based on Portland, says, its partners and local non-governmental organizations to implement the use of renewable sources of energy, water and the watershed projects to alleviate poverty in developing countries, rural communities, and improvement of the environment. Sunlight Solar energy installation-a company that operates in Oregon, Washington and Northeastern States.

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