SolarReserve and GCL form new solar PV Energy partnership for development and form of Distributed photovoltaic projects

As part of its continuing efforts to provide consumers with affordable, clean energy SolarReserve LLC announced the GCL Solar Energy, Inc. (GCL) to develop, build and use solar photovoltaic facilities in the United States, with the joint venture. The joint venture, GCL-SR Solar energy, LLC, has more than 1,100 MW 5 primarily its megawatt (MW), the size of 20 MW of photovoltaic development projects in the region of the United States of America proposed secured by more than 40 different sites. The joint venture expects to begin construction of up to 400 MW of photovoltaic projects in the near future.
“We are delighted to get started with this important joint venture SolarReserve,” said Hunter Jiang, Chairman, GCL Solar Energy, Inc. to provide expertise in the field of “GCL photovoltaic technology and EPC experience which, in conjunction with the development of the SolarReserve, a company that delivers a viable and cost-effective utility-for our customers.”

Kevin Smith, SolarReserve CEO “GCL develop decentralised photovoltaic projects with this joint venture represents a natural fit SolarReserve,” said. ” This combination is designed to take advantage of is the GCL: identification of technological expertise in the area of the PV and attractive solar energy project development SolarReserve’s properties.Photovoltaic projects complement our Portfolio of nearly 3 000 MW of large scale solar thermal power projects, which will utilize SolarReserve has the exclusive license United Technologies Corporation in molten salt in our nation, within the meaning of the techniques. renewable energy sources, we will need to be installed in order to achieve the objectives of viable renewable energy technologies such as solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind generation of electricity.Large scale solar thermal project operations are maintained, regardless of our joint venture with the GCL photovoltaic projects. “

The joint undertaking shall be governed by the terms of the SolarReserve corresponds in every respect to the project development, although the choice of the supplier are subject to the supervision of the PV GCL, construction and long-term financing of the photovoltaic projects. joint venture headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Kevin Smith, assuming that the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SolarReserve, LLC to his role with the role in order to supplement the new joint venture.

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