Collect the local leaders of the reference work on the framework Convention on climate change Coalition

Public and private sector officials from around the world have notified the agreement of the Directors-General of the Global Climate summit 3 California development plans to resolve the problems relating to climate change and promote “green” into the world economy.

Is called the R20-Climate Action coalition, the regions be committed quickly-monitoring clean technologies, green investment and environmental (including climatic) conditions in the development of projects, as well as taking into account the influence of national and international policies.

The Directors General of the Global Climate Summit 3 with California Davis, brought together representatives of about 1 500 to more than 80 countries, provinces and local authorities, with the help of independent countries around the world.

California Arnold Schwarzenegger had to be .gov. host a Summit with the other members of the Management Board.

“We cannot afford to wait for the freedom of establishment in national and international mobility,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said in a press release announcing the R20 coalition. “Act now and the activity is what we have with taking R20.Take a Government is more important than ever, and California has shown that national and regional policies, which may lead to an increase in the total grow the green economy, create jobs and to clean our environment as an unprecedented level of cooperation that the administrative authorities of the Member States, with the R20 will continue this leading position in the world and help to influence national and international action. “

Coalition, the signatories, to the Governments and local authorities intend to develop around the world through little cooperation between CO2 and climate-resilient projects. industrial and developing countries, partnerships between regions kansanterveydellisestä is expected to accelerate the action of such subjects in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and clean transportation.

Also participating are organisations and private companies, universities, Governments, international organisations and civil society individuals. R20 shall act in accordance with the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme to mitigate the impact of the Governments have demonstrated kansanterveydellisestä and adapt to climate change, the news release to the pesticides referred to in the critical importance of said.

“UNEP welcomes the R20-as part of the initiative and is committed to all sectors with the regional governments also differ from those in the society, economy, green, low CO2 emissions through the transition,” said Amy Fraenkel, Director of the UNEP Regional Office for North America.

At the end of the World Summit on the climate be .gov. Schwarzenegger joined Oregon be .gov. Ted Kulongoski and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell, Pacific Coast Collaborative Leaders forum e-mails composed of Pacific Coast, in order to protect the environment and the economy. Fall in their efforts to improve the sustainability of the Pacific region and in the scientific examination of questions, such as to support the development of infrastructure in the case of electric vehicles, and detailed along the Pacific Coast of the speeds of the Foundation in the future.

California Governor signed a memorandum of understanding be .gov. Arnóbio Marques de Almeida Júnior Acre, Brazil, and be .gov. Juan José Sabines Guerrero, Chiapas, Mexico, with a view to combating climate change and the protection of forests in tropical. News-release said uraauurtavia agreement is based on the Directors-General of forests and climate change Taskforce, which grew out of the first Summit of the Directors-General in 2008 is expected to help to speed up progress in the laboratories of the work of the world’s tropical deforestation and land degradation resulting from the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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