Mercury-Atlas of the solar system Systems run the Estee Lauder Companies 103kW solar system, Long Island, NY

Mercury-Atlas of the solar system systems, Inc., one of the top integrators in the eastern coast of the Sun-Estee Lauder companies, today announced the automated Storage Facility, Long Island, NY on 103 kilowatt (kW) at the end of the solar energy. Estee Lauder companies, project is a long-term commitment to the worldwide to reduce energy consumption by investing in renewable and ecologically sustainable energy sources section.

Solar energy-solar system consists of panels, and is expected to 385 produces annually more than 120,000-kilowatt hours of energy, with a sufficient degree of probability. This is the power of the average size of about 10 homes and is responsible for the use of the road, taking 13 cars and recycling soda cans for more than 2 million every year.

“Mercury-Atlas of the solar system Systems remains Long Island commercial solar markets at the forefront, and we are pleased to work with this project, The Estee Lauder Companies,” says Frank Alfano, President & CEO, Mercury-Atlas of the solar system Systems. “We are still to see a high level of interest in the federal undertakings to take advantage of the available material and state incentives for solar energy, as well as to believe this momentum today continue to 2011 onwards. “

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