Sun signs second job order imagine Morrow Meadows Corporation with strategic Master Services agreement

imagine Solar international, Inc., (OTCBB: EVSI), a leading designer and developer of the solar system, today announced that it has been carried out in accordance with the second work order to the master Services agreement signed recently (MSA) Morrow Meadows Corporation in the United States. Scope of work requires planning and monitoring of the imposing EnvisionTrak ™ solar technology and CleanCharge ™ solar/electric vehicle charging stations in the Eastern United States Head Office customer
Desmond Wheatley, imagine Solar President said, “Our Master Services agreement, with the execution of the Morrow Meadows Corporation allows us to effectively force significantly m.a.610 maintenance work orders a pipeline of projects that our two organisations, either jointly or separately carry out.This second work order, of the other part, signed in less than two months after the date of the first project began, the invoice declarations and the correctness of our approach and shows the pipeline. “we are delighted to our Morrow Meadows and look forward to an excellent service to provide new and existing clients on one continuous.”

MSA terms of imagine Solar offers Sun master planning, design and solar projects and its ParkSolar ? templates allow the solar Tree ® and the solar system, as well as Grove ® CleanCharge ™ and EnvisionTrak ™ technology to improve the energy yield and the customer’s total cost of ownership (TCO) to reduce supply.The day following that on which the Meadows offers a full service electrical, planning and agreements, as well as the installation of services brings significant customer base and Prospect list.

Been added Jim Laehy, business development Morrow-Meadows, Vice President, “We are developing a pipeline of the solar system with considerably. because we Envision customers will select the” go to the land of the rising sun “, imagine Solar enables us to deliver the quality of design and of product we will never compromise on the quality. [2] [3] and helps us to imagine the Solar competitively to ensure that we can keep this commitment with our solar power projects.”

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