The largest solar installation Suniva competence in Georgia

Suniva, Inc., US-efficient monocrystalline silicon solar manufacturer of cells and modules, announced today that 365 kW rooftop solar array USFloors is powered by Suniva ™. Suniva array is now the largest single solar installation mode. Commissioned by the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR STANDARDIZATION (ISO) Renewable Energy LLC (URE), USFloors-solar installation, a total of three arrays, is expected to deliver 560,000 kWh per year. Suniva also announced that the company’s solar modules in the power of user centered at Kennesaw Battlefield National Park’s mountain of Marietta, Georgia.

In order to finance the project, a generous USFloors took the Federal and State credits and incentives. Georgia Environmental services Authority (GEFA) Clean Energy property to the recipient of the Grant, November 2010 at the latest, a report by using the project USFloors Suniva modules and now produces enough solar energy to power an average American homes, 54 by offsetting CO2 11,400 tons.

“USFloors ‘ ‘s dedication to the development of clean renewable energy is the most kiitettävälle; institutions that are leading towards a more sustainable future of Georgia, “said Bryan Ashley, Chief Marketing Officer Suniva, Inc.”We’re equally excited to notify a new installation to be completed by the end of Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield National Park ‘n. Produced solar offset National Park with more than 1.4 million visitors each year, the Centre of the visitor’s AC unit.The United States Park Service leads to many public and commercial organizations with its commitment to clean energy and sustainability – the road and we are proud of these local, significant in the case of equipment, our homegrown Georgia technology. ”

Kennesaw Mountain national Battlefield ‘ n to n Sun installation produces a net heat input of 70 kW of power to the center of the Cathedral, the user can view the installation of the Sun. [3] [4] visitors, which will help to promote the sustainability of the environment and energy, the commitment of the Installation carried out parking. AEG Power Solutions, end-to-end supply systems and solutions.

Bryan Ashley be talking about is the Park’s dedication to the ceremony on Friday, 19.November at 10: 00, Marietta, Georgia.

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