SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc. and the new YWCA BPVS brings the Sun

SPRINGFIELD, mass., 29. Nov 2010/PRNewswire/–SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc. (“SCHOTT Solar”) and the Berkshire photovoltaic Services (BPVS) announced today the 28,6 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system for the YWCA Western Massachusetts Campus of Hope-the end of the housing complex Springfield.

YWCA Western Massachusetts created in phase II, which supports the Housing Complex to provide safe homes, day care and by our customers after their stay at women’s educational resources, and their families safe in addition to making body. [1] [2] and a nice its residents, the YWCA also committed to using the Sun as an energy source.

“SCHOTT Solar has been privileged to help bring the Sun Campus of hope,” said Tom Hecht, President and Chief Sales Officer of SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc. “by working with organisations such as the YWCA, and our partner BPVS, strong U.s. solar industry in order to reinforce our commitment to expand it, American jobs relevant to the impact of the activities, which are used to improve the life of the people.”

BPVS designed and PV system installed in the almost complete Campus Hope housing complex. [1] [2] it contains 130 SCHOTT POLY ® 220 modules that each year more than 5 000 $, the port is stored in the electricity costs and carbon emissions by more than 19 tonnes, decided to stay the proceedings.

“BPVS is proud to provide our community clean-energy system that allows electronic lisämaksullisten YWCA easily applies, at the same time, offers a safe house for women and families,” said Chris Kilfoyle, BPVS Adams, President of the mass.

Mary Reardon Johnson, Executive Director, YWCA Western Massachusetts ‘ Turn green with solar panels of the port facility can help you send a message to a clean energy future for our optimism for residents and visitors to our campus, “said.

PV system and installation have been financed through a grant by the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust’s Green affordable Housing Development Program and independent Solar tax rebate Program.

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