Canadian solar at the top of the Bancroft School Roof-PV-modules

SAN RAMON, Calif., 30. Nov 2010/PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/–Kanadan Solar Inc. (“company”, “we” or “Canadian Solar”) (Nasdaq: CSIQ), one of the world’s largest solar companies, recently activated 106 kW roof-mount photovoltaic (PV) solar electric system McDonough Center at Worcester, mass. Bancroft school today announced completion of this installation and activate the start of the academic year prior to the date of 2010 is currently the largest solar electric system Worcester private.

The installation is included in the 462 Canadian Solar CS6P-230 P polycrystalline modules, which produces approximately 117,000 kilowatt hours each year, will reduce the number of State-of-the-art carbon 88 tonnes per year or the equivalent, the offset of the 438 trees annually. school, that joins the 541 students and teachers and staff, 124 wait electricity needs to alleviate enough power for about 25% of the annual energy demand McDonough Center meet PV system.

“This installation to teach our students about the importance of renewable energy sources, except in the case of an undertaking on the part of the Bancroft School also shows the environmental awareness and positive energy choices in our community,” said Scott r. Reisinger, Bancroft, the head of the school.”We are the economic savings in energy costs that you want to forward, while at the same time to promote environmental sustainability in the coming years.”

“We are happy to see our best of the breed, the panels used in the regulations, if they may affect the ability of future generations in order to increase the understanding of the power of renewable energy sources,” said Alan King, Vice President of US Sales-Canadian Solar, USA. “Bancroft School installation represents a substantial investment in the land of the rising sun with commendably aggressive policies. “

The solar installation was designed for the future of the solar system and finance Systems and install Professional Electric. Use modules are top-ranked U.S. solar modules PV (PTC) ratings-Canadian Solar polycrystalline ratings CS6P-230 P, which is fast becoming a generally accepted accounting standards for the real environmental impact of energy production and for measuring performance of the module.

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