Create the first solar Energy Geostellar Computation Platform

WASHINGTON, 30. Nov 2010/PRNewswire/–Geostellar, according to which the micro-local resource, capacity and market intelligence, sustainable energy producers from around the world, presented today at the beginning of the first full simulation of solar energy for residential, commercial and utility scale power generation.

To initialize, which are intended to be used for the determination of the solar energy business potential of the place of a generation prior to basic seed, employs a highly sophisticated algorithms to model each meter size cities, regions, States, countries and continents around the corner from the Opera House and the energy production opportunities in the country.

“We believe this environment can support the solar industry, the rapid expansion of automating the design, structure, sited, finance and trade activities throughout the various urban and rural environments,” said Matt Cheney, CEO, Clean Path Ventures (, according to which the large-scale renewable energy projects in the area of technical and financial resources. “By using energy Geostellar, officials and others to make effective decisions in order to increase the profitability of their local economy, strengthening and protecting the environment. “

Geostellar is currently piloting a ship on the Sun developers, public administrators, real estate owners and add-ins from the Midwest, Mid Atlantic and Southwest regions of the United States, additional resources, and in the fast pace of applications.

High-resolution energy data is transmitted to the Web standard, the services and interfaces, Google Earth, mobile devices and Geographic Information System (GIS), available to the correct data and characteristics of the applications in the different phases of design, project development and financing.

“We believe the Earth is in the new Millennium intelligence human genome project,” said David Levine, Geostellar CEO.”Such as bioinformatics, great information on biotechnology geomatics supports innovation in the clean technology. Our integrated platform production modeling, site search, project development, production, operations and cross-border e-commerce, supports a variety of base industry stakeholders to find the quickest, most economical and least risky means to increase our clean, green and renewable energy supply.”

The platform is based on the information and processes, including incidental, solar radiation, digital maps, the taxable amount for VAT encompasses, in the area of the parcel boundaries and predicted values, power transmission lines and substations, critical habitat, flood-plains, ZONING, temperature and Precipitation–all necessary to understand the resource availability, access to the structural and financial assets on the market, the local regulatory and marginal pricing factors affecting the success of the efforts of the energy production from Geostellar applies Advanced 3D. animation techniques, such as ray tracing satellite derived from the Sun and the possible values to identify the exact Digital hard to combine the power of the rooftops and the slope of the terrain and shadows in the trees, structures and geological formations in the entire continents with an accuracy of less than one square meters per pixel for a full map.

Geostellar has opened a research and development lab Ben Franklin TechVentures ®, an oven/post, BFTP-incubator of the port facility, which is used in the NEP/Lehigh campus. TechVentures-course to an enterprise applies the calculation of the capacity to Simulate water geomatic and shale gas plays, as well as the availability of infrastructure, to provide high-resolution wind energy models, as well as to develop biofuels production strategies to assure the availability of and access to markets.

The development was Geostellar finance clean technology industry investors and Ben Franklin Technology Partners of the one part, and the Northeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/NEP) Alternative energy Development program.

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