The production of Solar Electricity Soars at the Federal Office shall inform the

Published on 28. Nov 2010

The price of electricity in the United States Residential and increased slightly compared to the average August 2010, the month and the year before, according to the Federal Energy Information Administration.

The average residential price had 12.02 cents per kilowatt-hour, monthly summary administration declared 2010 the average was on July 12.01 cents/kwh. August 2009, the institution of the place of residence to retail customers in the US, the average was 12.00 cents.

August 2010, the average retail price was calculated from the commercial point of view can be 10.69 cents/kwh, 0.8% in August 2009, but lays down by 0.1% compared to July 2010.

Industrial electricity customers August 2010, the average price was 7.21 cents/kwh, 1,3%, compared with August 2009 growth, but decreased by 1.4% of the price in the previous month, when it supplements at 7.31 cents/kwh.

Year-to-date on the basis of the average electricity prices were down slightly from the same period in 2009. [1] [2] by this time, the average retail in 2010, the institution of the place of residence has been 11.53 cents/kwh, compared to 11.58 cents a year earlier.10.22 Cents/kwh compared to the average level of interest rates by the year 2010 10.28 cents in 2009 for the users of the electricity industry in 2010, the average was 9.91 cents, compared to the same period in 2009, 9.98 cents/kwh.

Net electricity generation in the United States rose by 7.4% in August 2010, compared with August 2009, the administration of the data.

The Federal Reserve reported that industrial production was 6.2% higher than it would have been in August 2009 in which industrial production exceeded the level of the previous year, the eighth consecutive month, the month corresponding to

Solar power plants for electricity production increased by more than 58%, such as more plants will continue to be online.Solar energy generation one megawatt-hours of 166,000 August 2010 compared to 105,000 megawatt-hours of August 2009.

California led solar electricity production, 109,000 megawatt-hours in August 2010, more than 81,000 megawatt-hours of August 2009. NET generation of Nevada, the next largest producer, 29,000 megawatt-hours was on August 2010 megawatt-hours of 20 000 increased by 44% compared with the previous year. [1] [2] the other States that sculpted solar power plant generation August 2010 were in Florida, 10 000 megawatt-hours; Colorado, 4,000; Ohio and New Jersey, approximately 3 000 each; Arizona and Illinois, megawatt-hour of 2 000.

Coal, the nation’s primary source of fuel for electricity accounted for in the United States, is created in August 2010, the efficacy of% 45.3. Natural gas-fired plants contributed-23.9%, and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants submitted 19.2% of the electricity provided from sources in the conventional hydropower. 6,4% of the nation, even if the electricity from renewable energy sources, and contributed to the development of 4,1% of the plants were Petroleum fires. [4] [5] approximately 1% of the origin of electricity generated.

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