Sacramento, California to pursue a clean Tech Future

Efforts to develop clean energy hub Sacramento, Calif., paid the 13,000 jobs in the region and new businesses in clean technology, many of them involved in Sun for the cost of Green Capital Alliance and the report on the progress of the according to the results.

Over the past five years of clean energy technology companies Sacramento area increased by almost 29 100, your organization’s report said.For the years 1995-2008 capital region experienced growth of green jobs, which led to the taking, it said.

“Today, green Capital Alliance released a report on the growth of the work of clean technology in the Sacramento region has led indicates the State of the work of the growth in the field of clean technologies —-13,000 employees in the State of tune — and this is good news for the local and State economies,” said Joel Ayala, Director of the Governor, Office of Economic Development, the news release. “Urban, community and academic leaders have worked diligently over the years, so that you can make the Sacramento area, green, and the report shows that they are on the right track. thank you for area and the State of the environment on the other hand, the initiatives taken by the Sacramento solidify the map at the same time, a leading California Green role still visibly, in General, the green economy. “

The national Renewable Energy laboratory’s list of the project database, open the PV photovoltaic solar installations in the area of 3,600 Sacramento, California, for a total of nearly 29 megawatts of generation capacity, an Association of the report said.

The 2010 Mayor Kevin Johnson began a program called Greenwise Sacramento, within the meaning of the “greenest region of the country to convert the Sacramento and national leader in clean technology,” green Capital Alliance said.

U.s. Rep. Doris Matsui, supporter of the Purifier-energy development, said the region has received more than 250 million dollar federal funding for clean technology, and energy efficiency/demand-side initiatives report.

“I see enormous potential for Sacramento region continue to train the local workforce in this growing sector of the economy, create jobs and, therefore, acting in accordance with the revised green economic welfare Foundation,” he said in a report.

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