Add the Sun Support Works, such as Los Angeles plans Energy funding Awards


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has announced that the city, at the time of adopting the 30 grants $ 45,000 each local community organizations, community outreach, research and education, energy efficiency and water conservation.

The city intends to also join with the Los Angeles County, in the provision of support to the program that uses THE VALUE ADDED TAX (VAT) to assess the financing to promote the energy improvements to commercial properties and perhaps homes in the future. [1] [2] these programs are known as often PACE, as a general rule, indicate in the Sun of photovoltaic systems in the middle of the projects, which can be funded through the city of Los Angeles. [1] [2] the Department of water and Power also are evaluated on the basis of the financing of the BOM in the opportunities of energy projects in the area of multifamily properties.

With a general interest groups made 30 awards are energy efficiency and conservation Block Grants to finance the US Department of energy, the American recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Mr. Villaraigosa “by reducing the electricity and water consumption, the use of not only topics in large enterprises,” said in a news release. “If we intend to effectively combat climate change, we have to do at all levels, and I’m so happy to be able to offer these grants and provide a general interest and community organizations the opportunity to work in their local communities to develop ways to” go green “and save money with their bills.”

Los Angeles is one of the small number of community organizations through the opening and with a view to establishing a competitive application process for the financing of the aid with the common market in the energy section, the application process of the subsidy to be charged to those cities. [1] [2] shall be managed by the Los Angeles Department of water and Power.

“One of the main objectives of the program is to promote and inform customers about ways to save information in the water, electricity and money in the communities, which are otherwise difficult to achieve,” said Lorraine Paskett, Senior Assistant General Manager for the sustainability of the programmes intended for reception by the public and external affairs. “So, we encourage those organizations can have access to creative ways to search for these customers.We hope to learn new and effective methods of communicating this process, which may be used in the LADWP and other city programs in the future. “

Department, water and Power manages five programs block-grant funding, for a total of more than 8 million dollars for the development and promotion of energy efficiency and conservation efforts of the city, in accordance with the energy efficiency and conservation strategy.

To complement these Outreach grant program are:

Energy Efficiency incentives:This program supports the rebates for energy-efficient whole-House fans and cool our homes external funding and support the construction of energy efficiency rebates for business ‘ maintenance tasks ‘ known as the “retrocommissioning.”

Single-Family of real estate Financing Program:The city, said it plans to partner with the Los Angeles County the County Energy program, which supports the whole-House energy-efficiency retrofits and contains AB811/gear (the property is estimated to have Clean Energy) program, commercial properties and residential properties in the future, as the case may be, with a view to improving the energy efficiency retrofits can be returned to the cost of our policies will help through the property tax bills over time., part of the city-this program provides the local discount home energy updates and supports customer outreach and enrollment.

Examination of the Bill on the funding:The program will evaluate the LADWP Bill financing tool is multifamily (and multiple-tenant) State-of-the-art targeting with owners and tenants ‘ names can take advantage of the energy efficiency improvement, as well as to share the cost of the feasibility of innovative financing mechanism.

Energy efficiency Retrofits community organizations:Grant-funded program is created for those agencies interested in maximizing the energy efficiency of buildings and office spaces. 501 (c) 3 status Organizations may apply for ID and energy-saving retrofits and water conservation measures with a view to adopting a regulation relating to the services.

Those organizations that are interested in applying for grants, program outreach visit for more information, see the answers of the duly 17.00, 23.Dec 2010 and is expected to be carried out in January 2011 awards. Proposals shall be sent to:

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