The energy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Commission moved to clear the path to-includes solar, wind Power

New Solar power plants are accompanied by going to your network, or the construction of the Federal Energy Regulatory without restarting the system, the Commission proposes to modify its rules to facilitate the integration of intermittent energy sources in the network above California Lt. be .gov. Abel Maldonado cuts the Mojave Desert Sun-ribbon installation earlier this year.

Since the construction of power plants may be in progress at the giant Sun — and the rest of the U.s. Southwest — other less noticeable by smaller but equally important action takes place in the energy transformation, which has initiated the connection.

From a regulatory point of view, the Commission has proposed a reform of the rules of the Federal Republic of Energy “to provide the basis for the rapid growth of the århus Convention to the variable to include the power of the grid at the same time, the reliability of the nation and import any savings to customers,” the Commission said in a news release.

The proposed rule changes to renew the Open Access Transmission of the General Agreement on tariffs and Interconnection agreements filed by major Generator of public service delivery providers to require them to provide services that enable a more effective integration of the energy sources such as solar, wind and tidal wave power grid or on the system.

“Authorise new power plants with the developers have to strive for the grid, most of which are variable in the resources, such as wind and solar power generators,” said Commission President Jon Wellinghoff news release. “This proposal will help the Commission in order to integrate them in such a way that helps maintain the integrity and stability of the grid on a cost-effective basis these and other variable generators. “

Proposed in the communication from the Commission would require EASAlle public service delivery providers to offer to all customers, you can schedule the broadcast service every 15 minutes, hourly schedule instead of the current procedure.

The Declaration of the Commission said that it has concluded an agreement in the form of a preliminary determination that the “practical hourly schedule, the lack of a VER (variable energy resources) power production forecasts and the lack of a clear mechanism to recover the costs of the generator, with a view to preventing undue discrimination in the regulation laying down certain technical measures for the service can and unjustified and excessive prices for entry on the basis of the presence of the transfer and with the addition of VERs grid.”

Communication is also the interconnection capacity, creating spaces of which customers are variable energy resources – such as solar power plants – meteorological and information concerning the activity to provide transmission providers and encourages the transfer of the providers with the variable energy resources on their systems to use the power of production forecasting.

Forecasts is important, because passing clouds suddenly plummet solar electricity generation may be the cause.

The third part of the proposal clarifies that the transfer has the possibility, through the recently category returns the variable costs relating to the integration of energy and sets forth the Commission’s proposed expectations that the transmission provider shall demonstrate to its adoption, the intra-hourly timing and power production forecasting, in order to enable the application of the århus Convention to the variable being circumvented a fair and reasonable price.

Proposals for the future, in January the Commission of inquiry after the regulatory policies of the communication and determine whether the value of the variable to the application of the århus Convention to integrate into the nation’s power grid when you estimate the need for reforms. the public and stakeholders ‘ comments, the Commission said, it will propose a limited number of reforms designed to make it possible to undue discrimination and unjustified and excessive prices.

Last date for the submission of a communication, the proposed draft of the Federal Register, open the EASAlle his or her point of view, for a period of 60 days.

The recent rapid rise in the notes to the wind and the Sun, the Commission said in its announcement that it will wait for a variable of the århus Convention to grow, “the real numbers, as well as a percentage of the entire capacity.”

“The Commission recognises that the number of public services increases VERs delivery providers and customers need to manage the processes and tools for the generation of a transfer of assets from the variable nature of the grid.”

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