Solar Energy Storage section of the smart Grid Research in New Mexico

New Mexico-add-in by the parties and in the field of education and training a PNM Sandia National Laboratories in one of the growing number of renewable energy storage and distribution to get projects underway across the country.

The Federal Government and the Governments and the private enterprises have had millions of efforts to examine the activity based budgeting (ABB), to develop and demonstrate cost-effective ways to store solar and wind electric and send it, where appropriate, to the dollar.

PNM-project, which has received 2 million dollar Federal Department as part of the total cost of approximately 6 million dollars, requires a large lead-acid battery system to save and to send 500-kilowatt solar photovoltaic array created by the energy of the installation.

Is called the well-being of the Energy Storage Project is to be built by the master planned community in the mesa del Sol Interstate 25 off approximately 1.5 miles south of Albuquerque International Sunport primary public airports close to the city.

Utility-scale battery system has 2 megawatt-hours with a storage capacity of 4 and in the event of a power of electricity to be used for trimming, voltage peak screening for the Department of handicap and a document is.

PNM is planning to installation allows you to examine renewably loaded energy storage of peak energy demand, as well as an ability to respond to a shifting force peak output of the table in the land of the rising sun, the environmental assessment of the Energy Department said.

The project calls for the utility to test the system to render from the Sun or the wind beat port reception facilities for ship-generated energy, the Energy Department said system. [1] [2] expected to be between two configurations — distribution feeder (downstream in the substation) (adjacent to the substation) distribution of a feeder start vs. — to demonstrate the highest voltage handicap and shifting in both situations, the properties.

Control system is a computer-based modeling algorithms, the battery for the operation of the system.

Steve Willard, project manager, PNM press release for the well-being of Energy Storage-the aim of this project is to create a stable, dispatchable, decentralized renewable generation, resource said.”Company” refers to the supply of electricity, which is designed to provide a high degree of certainty to be sent over a given period of time very available.

“Having the ability to manage solar-generated energy to PNM resources in close more reliable sources of intermittent address the needs of the peak demand,” Mr. Willard said to him, the news release.

PNM, which is the State’s largest electric utility company, and Sandia National Laboratories-project participants are connected to the University of New Mexico and Northern New Mexico College.

The University shall adopt, in accordance with the design of the development of the project, modeling, and dissemination of the said.

“These efforts complement our existing systems of the building for the purpose of promoting investment within the framework of the investigation. Andrea Mammoli, UNM School of Engineering’s Center for new Energy technologies co-director by participating in this project students receive the UNM faculty and highly valuable firsthand experience of the interface in a smart tag with a smart tag to end-users in the grid”, “said.”We look forward to many years of innovative research with real-life problems direct application. this project puts us at the leading edge of research on the integration of renewable energy sources in the United States.”

Northern New Mexico College shall implement data collection, analysis and management of natural resources. Andres c. Salazar, interim Director of solar research Oscar “Faculty and NNMC’s Solar Energy Research Park & Academy staff are excited about their participation in PNM’s wellness Energy Project,” said. “US students participating in the project, as well as the data analysis in the segment, “he said.

Sandia National Laboratories perform system testing and algorithm development. “This project is subject to the terms and conditions is Sandia research towards a highly secure electronic infrastructure that takes advantage of local resources to meet local needs, “said Charles Hanley, Sandia’s aurinkosähköteknologian and grid Integration Department Director.”PNM: under the direction of the high prevalence of this partnership will make it easier for grid-connected renewable energy projects at national level and serves the achievement of the objectives of the EU directly DOE. “

PNM is also the second of two similar projects is a smart card.-with the Electric Power grid demonstration project Research Institute, and other mesa del Sol, Japan’s new energy and Industrial Technology Development organization for the project.

The first of these two of the project is called “High-throughput aurinkosähköteknologian grid Automation, Energy Storage and, where appropriate, the Response through.”The project is intended for the add-in, according to an outline, published by “directly support nationwide efforts to develop the next generation of the add-in system to promote the critical integration technologies and renewable energy sources and energy efficiency standards for ease of understanding.”

Japan’s new energy and Industrial Technology Development organization, the project involves cooperation between undertakings Toshiba, Kyocera and Hitachi smart cards in the grid, and Also with the microgrid technology. New Mexico State are involved, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos County Government and the mesa del Sol.

Japanese Organization is expected to invest as much as 30 million dollars over the next four years on the demonstration projects.

“These companies recognize the opportunities and our national labs and our dedication to the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy,” Bill Richardson said be .gov. when laboratories, was announced last summer. “Smart grid projects will change forever power management, New Mexico on the calculation of the new world in the energy sector at the forefront in the future. “

Mesa del Sol is designed to be sustainable, energy-efficient homes and businesses in the community, you can have a significant powered by solar energy.

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