It is the State of Hawaii Aloha Sun as the new feed, the effect lasts for the entire tariff

Solar PV installation at the end of the Natural Energy Laboratory of the Authority’s Kona, Hawaii on the island, near the Big-. annual Insolation of the site is the largest of any U.s. coastal areas vis-à-vis the NELHA says.


Hawaii: the new feed, tariff for solar and other renewable energy sources in the tuulisähkö systems came into effect on Wednesday, November 24, when the island of Hawaii Maui County and Oahu adoption applications. joined the

Rates of solar PV and concentrating solar electricity producers in a number of factors, including size and vary according to the system vary according to the 18.9 cents per kilowatt-hour higher PV systems as much as 33.1 cents less than concentrating solar power systems in the event of a change in the applicant’s training courses. [1] [2] the use of the mode, depending on the Corporation.

Amounts have been established by the terms of the contract for 20 years. [1] [2] Hawaii’s personal income tax credit and solar energy installations available in federal corporate tax combined with attractive tariff to make solar electricity feed option for many individuals and small business owners a lot of solar resources.

New website manage and accept applications feed Hawaiian Electric utilities, with the aim of the programme of tariff quotas is to encourage more renewable energy projects in Hawaii.

“The program with or without advance fixing of the prices of the offers and must be standardized against the contract terms, that makes it easy to individuals, businesses, governmental entities and other developers to sell renewable energy sources in the Hawaiian Electric,” the company said in a news release.Hawaiian Electric Co. is the parent company’s Hawaii Electric Light co. and Maui Electric Co.;Add-ins work together about 95% of the residents of the State.

“Disconnect from our dependence on imported oil in our State is expected to need more sources of clean energy, small and large.This program, it is possible that, “said Robbie Alm, Hawaiian Electric Executive Vice President, news release.

Programme, all applications must be lodged via a new website, which can be found at is operated and maintained by the administration of the group, an independent third-party-observer, which supervises the administration of tariff quotas for certain applications of feed for Hawaii Public Utilities-on behalf of the Commission.

The site began, Nov 17 projects of approving the applications, Oahu.Applications for projects in the Hawaii Maui County and was begins Nov. 24.

Accessories approved by the Commission, the program accepts the 60 megawatts of feed for the administration of tariff quotas for certain projects, Oahu, Hawaii 10 megawatts, and the island of Maui County 10 megawatts of electricity produced from renewable energy sources. [1] [2] the qualifying technologies are photovoltaic, concentrated solar, wind and hydroelectric power in the countries of the row.

Tariff to be adopted in accordance with the level 1 solar PV and CSP systems considered to be a maximum of 20 kilowatts (AC) the production capacity of all the Islands as well as at the time of payment of the interest rate level 1. solar PV systems is 21.8 cents per kilowatt-hour, 35% of the State income tax credit based on For level 2. PV systems, more than 20 kW and a maximum of 500 kilowatts speed is 18.9 cents/kwh. level 1: concentrating solar power systems amount has 26.9 cents/kwh, and for the level 2 CSP systems, 25.4 cents/kwh.

Higher electricity available back to the negotiating sellers State income tax credit provision.

The program is open to residential and business customers, until the capacity-caps have been met.

Hawaiian Electric Co. said, the questions can be e-mailed feed in tariff FIT @ for more information about the program and Hawaiian Electric utilities ‘ efforts to develop more renewable energy sources can be found at

Information about the feed in tariff quotas and other Sun, Hawaii is offered incentives are also subject to state incentives for Renewables & efficiency in the database, available at

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