Laden in high-Performance storage sails Power SolarWorld Panels of five rural Hospitals Health Embattled Haiti

HILLSBORO, Ore.–some 100 000 SolarWorld’s high-performance solar panels worthy Watts supplied ran out of Miami Port-au Prince, Haiti, moved to adapt to the new tasks, if they have five remote medical centres reliably and in the exercise of the medical gear-kirjastokäyttöoikeutta, refrigeration and air conditioning, and helps to strengthen the island nation disaster and against the disease.

440 230-watt solar panels Sunmodule ® – around 40 a typical home delivery systems – the third round of equipment containing the largest and most SolarWorld, with recognised experience in disciplines related to the US manufacturer of silicon solar technologies, crystalline, has submitted to the growing to meet the humanitarian needs in Haiti after earthquake rocked Haiti before the calamitous: ‘s capital city, almost a year ago.

Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), those of us who use sustainable energy communities in developing countries, support to a large extent to replace expensive manages, unreliable diesel generators are health and international medical relief organization partners in clinics of the project. SolarWorld, yourself, and PIH step-by-step with the corresponding project Boucain-Carré, the Haitian clinic, 2009. 1.1.12, after Haiti Quake SolarWorld also interest referred to in the water with the international Missions, the panels of the water pumping stations does not exist.

PIH clinics work is carried out in the preliminary site. The panels are expected to arrive in Port-au-Prince in mid-December, and then make their way from the beginning of the project locations generally late in January to the North of the capital of the various routes along the coast. Clinics are La Colline, Lascahobas arrondissement de, Thomonde, Petite Riviere and Verrettes. Installation work is expected to be released in the spring of the Internet.

Robert Freling, Executive Director, in fact, the “Major medical equipment in the Port-au-Prince destruction of small arms and light weapons is now greater dependence on rural health facilities,” said. “Some have moved back to the rural areas, and after the earthquake, the load on rural health centres in the greater than and as a result of the operation of hospitals. The power of the reliability of the clinics in question it is absolutely important. SolarWorld panels offers to double the advantage to offer a clean, healthy power without fail for decades, but also save money otherwise spent scarce fuel purchases and machine making corrections. Which in turn need to reply to the clinics in question shall apply to the primary savings: medical relief. “

Larry Hagman, long-running TV series “Dallas,” former star helped, to promote the SolarWorld handing over, whether or not. The largest solar system in the place of residence in the United States on behalf of the owner of the Hagman has long SELF-member of the Board of Directors, and has given the SolarWorld testimonials. “In view of the urgent need for the Haitian people in need of help,” he said. “The power of grid is not no longer exists. Diesel are expensive and safe. Solar energy is the energy to provide the most appropriate source of electricity in hospitals. “

SolarWorld, which acts as a significant solar market in the world, provides equipment donations through its Solar2World program. The program is dedicated to addressing energy poverty in developing countries, where some of the residents of the estimated 2 billion live without widely available power.

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