REC to start the new product offers expands REC peak Energy, integrated solution is Energaia

SANDVIKA, Norway–REC today launched their first integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) building solution for high performing REC peak Energy Series Module and Ernst Schweitzer AG distributed by SolrifTM addressed to the installation system.
REC peak Energy, integrated solution is designed for building the roof of the photo-voltaic, that combines the power of the solar modules are reliable REC addressed SolrifTM installation system. The solution is, of the one part, and weather-resistant, that replaces the conventional aesthetic installation directly from the roof of the building material. The product may be used for the new roofs or spare part for the purposes for which it was. “REC peak Energy-Integrated, we have to diversify the product Portfolio to provide to us, tailored to the solutions to better meet our customers ‘ residence and market needs,” said Åsmund Fodstad, Vice President, sales and marketing, REC solar system.

More than ten years with already installed on more than one market quality and flexibility in terms of MW aluminium SolrifTMFrame has now stabilised. Low profile height will lead to a good rear ventilation, supporting the electrical performance, and can be easily combine multiple roofing materials. The system can be installed quickly and easily, such as roof tiles. The model supports the use of rainwater drainage and sliding, snow, so that modules to produce the maximum amount of power in all weather conditions. “REC peak Energy imports of integrated electronic compact fluorescent lamps are fixed investment by our customers after their stay at the place of residence, and segments. Users can benefit from the highest feed-in tariff available in France, State-of-the-art solution. We are happy to be able to Expand the product to us, which offers on the market, which is such an important growth area for REC “, said Jan Jacob Boom-Wichers, CEO, France, Benelux, UK and Ireland, REC Solar France. Visit at: Energaia stand Hall 6 Stand K300 REC.

BIPV solution uses the method of affixing of the REC peak Energy module that provides more power due to several design improvements, the result is an increase of approximately 7% compared to the previous generation of energy output per square metre of modules. REC modules from other manufacturers is consistently better field measurement of Photon energy yield tests shall be carried out in 2010. The modules provide a robust and sustainable design, will be supported by the mechanical load is high. New product is certified by TUV.

REC peak Energy imports of integrated electronic compact fluorescent lamps is now available for purchase in France, and soon will be offered in other markets in the first quarter of the year 2011. REC REC peak Energy plans for the integrated production with a view to increasing the range of products and to extend this BIPV. REC partners in France, has recently trained solution and the training, the company supports other installers.

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