Large Solar Power Plant Stirs opposition Scenic Colorado Valley design

145-Megawatt solar power plant penetrated Saguache County, Colorado-populated, the proposed has become perhaps the most bitterly contested among the large-scale solar power project, has already been authorised or approaching the Southwest final decisions.

Houston-based Polo Solar, which is developing two much larger power plant projects in Southern California wants to install approximately 5,700 its Stirling dish systems a key engine of the Southern San Luis Valley, Colorado. The project continue to 1,525 Ares land zoned for agriculture in the region is privately owned and in close proximity to the 500 estimated at about 8 miles southeast of the city with a population Saguache.

The city is a small, but some residents have made clear its opposition to the project and read aloud, complained that it could, on the territory of a rural maaseutumarkkinoiden “solar industry”. High altitude Valley is leveästä scenic San Juan and the Sangre de Christo Mountains.

Dec 6, on the basis of a proposal drew what one participant shall rise from the crowd of 150 or so, most of the opponents of the public consultation. When the conversation hours, Saguache County Commissioners voted to continue at a later session.

Ceal Smith, San Luis Valley renewable communities Alliance, group Chairman of the Board of directors a letter to the Commissioner, said last month that “If approved, this would be the first industrial scale solar development is used in the State, Colorado, its effects, known and unknown, huge. Quite literally Saguache County the future is in your hands you a margin of discretion and its citizen’s well being. “

The primary equipment power plant be solar dish Stirling systems, which the company calls “SunCatchers.” Each SunCatcher consists of a huge mirrored dish, which acts as a solar receiver Plus the heat exchanger and a closed cycle, a powerful engine, designed to convert solar thermal power, driving a rotary electrical generator to produce electricity.

Noise, which draw up these engines will be created in the course of thousands of times the peak is one of the opponents raised concern. Tessera Solar in North America, a subsidiary of the company, which shall apply from the date of the authorisation of the project in the County, Cut back to the original 200 megawatts planned output from 145 to reduce noise. Hydrogen, which moves inside the Stirling engines, the second question, the use of which is instituted. 38-foot-high, the effect of which would affect the views of SunCatchers has also been among the opponents of a sore spot.

Compelling argument in favour of the plant is that its 145 MW peak capacity should emission free, status, which relies primarily around a dozen large coal, lignite fueled power plants for electricity. The u.s. Energy Information Administration, more than 70% of Colorado’s natural-gas-fired electricity generation and other plants, bulbs, roots and plants contributes to carbon account starts almost 25% of capacity.

San Luis Valley high elevation, and on average around 300 or more Sunny days a year, the attractive solar developers and solar plant 8-megawatt is already operating in the South part of the Valley. “However, a lot of Colorado’s significant renewable energy potential is yet to be developed,” the energy Information Administration says “and state rank is currently relatively small renewable energy generation.”

One advantage in the said public hearing had jobs. The project to create jobs in the construction approximately 195 at its peak, on average, approximately 85 employees at a time up to the application of the Polo: materials say. Total construction payroll reached 11 million dollars, the company’s estimated $ 150 million, with as capital expenditure, the dose of tuberculin injected into the local economy, if the median household income in 2008 was estimated at $ 33,198 vis-à-vis the US Census Bureau significantly lower $ 57,184 statewide median.

Approximately 30% of the County residents live in the level of poverty and unemployment is high. /Square nautical miles of the population is approximately 2, compared to approximately 41.5 a whole State.

How to vote in a three-member of the County Commission is unknown, but the San Luis Valley produced from renewable energy sources in the communities in the letter of the Alliance, known as one of the Commissioner, the matter shall be referred without delay to recuse himself, he has spoken openly and his support for the project “have strong views, which he has repeatedly voiced-.”

By their respective Governments, have signed a letter to Ms. Smith, also a list of the 27 other, mostly Saguache inhabitants. The Commission is logged on to a number of comments of other opponents.

-The basis for such a small claim the intensity of the County – the entire population is estimated at approximately 7,100 – stands out from the Western United States Aalto designed solar projects in progress. Quickly in order to around a dozen large scale solar power plants approved in accordance with the California and Nevada in the last few months. Although many projects drawn criticism and an associated body of the rules of procedure of the Court of one megawatt 709, this argument is not a project Polo gained so much traction units to Southern California, where the solar power plants to the Mojave-Desert is seen by motorists in nearly three decades of the public. The last large coal fired power plant in California Mojave Generating Station, closed in 2005.

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