One of the Stock was added to the ardour solar Energy index, a quarterly rebalancing; Deleted two shares

NEW YORK, 8. Dec 2010–Ardour Solar Energy Index (SM) (TICKER: SOLRX) add one component, high-performance computing (HPC) 6: 00 PM (EST) on Sunday, December 19, 2010.  The position of the Two will be removed from the index, the index component to change the number of 29. Changes resulting from the quarterly index rebalancing.

In addition, SOLRX is:

Daqo new Energy (TICKER: DQ US)

Depreciation-SOLRX are:


Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente (TICKER: SLR SM)

For a complete list of elements and weights will be posted to the AGI index family site ( effective date.

Ardour Solar Energy Index (SM) is the most visible solar energy stocks, emphasis is placed on the world by capitalization, float-adjusted index. SOLRX to be included in the index, stocks is to move multiple monitors, including capitalization, to float, change list, share price and turnover.

For detailed information, including the constituent information, rules and price information, Ardour Solar Energy Index (SM) and other alternative energy sources, the indexes of the members of the AGI-family is available at Data are also available for most suppliers ‘ sales data.

Index: Ardour solar Energy Index (SM) (USD) TICKER: SOLRX

Index: Ardour solar Energy Index (SM) (EUR) TICKER: SOLRE

Contact person:

Joseph LaCorte
Ardour global indexes, LLC

Walter Nasdeo
Ardour Capital Investments, LLC

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