Planned Power Line in California renewable energy draws Praise

Uraauurtavia ceremony this week, California be .gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger extolled the new extra high-voltage line, which brings the Sun and of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the San Diego area tietoturvatekniikoiden.

Video, which shows also the Governor of the permitting procedure on the website, he decried the process by which a period of five years. 117-nautical-mile line, the construction is expected to be approximately two years.

“You have all the power of the world out there in the wilderness, but cannot be imported, if you have any. You have to be brought to the cities, where people live, “he said in the video on his website.

a 500-Kilovolt-line cost, approximately 1.9 billion dollars, is the ability to perform at least 1 000 MW of solar, wind and geothermal electricity, enough to power about active with regard to energy labelling of household at a time, San Diego Gas Electric Co. said in a news release. Construction of the project is expected to be up to 500 jobs, add-in, the company said.

Jessie j. Knight Jr., President and CEO of SDG (e) “today the ceremony to mark more than five years of research and design of the transmission line in order to improve the reliability and critically needed to help achieve our goal by 33% renewable energy by 2020, the culmination,” said.  “We value We’ve received from the Governor of the Federal and State aid and the agencies of this project forward.  At the same time, we also like to acknowledge in San Diego and Imperial areas, which recognize, at an early stage, the importance of this project in our region and promised their full support to the supporters of thousands. “

Is inexcusable
that it shall adopt, in accordance with the
five years from the date of the
transmission line.
It would be
Go faster.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger
California Governor

California Public utilities Commission last month “to continue to provide, by means of a declaration” for the construction of the project.

“The Sunrise Powerlink is a key factor in California: strengthening the infrastructure for the clean electricity,” said the CPUC Commissioner m. Grueneich Slide.  “It shall communicate to the Commission shall forward to the development of the Imperial Valley now, when imported into the Green reflective of jobs in the greater area of the article number below to view the renewable energy transmission backbone.”

San Diego Gas & Electric has signed agreements for new power plants of 300 MW of solar electricity designed the Imperial Valley in the East of San Diego provided. Construction jobs will be created to build solar power plants. Hundreds more megawatts of solar energy production in the area of the proposed power plants has been approved, although the proceedings has been lodged shall endeavour to prevent the planned 709-megawatt solar installation.

“I cannot emphasize enough how important this project with the Imperial Valley area, which has experienced persistent high unemployment rate, a record number of years,” said Gary Wyatt, a member of the Executive Board of the Imperial County Supervisors.  “Now we can help More people back, and our generous local renewable energy resources in such a way as to take account of the US, the preservation of natural resources, and the original habitats.”

Very controversial power line project, crossing part of the Cleveland National forest library tracks closely, and had several changes to the opponents of the processing operation is to reduce their environmental impact. The company said it has developed a plan to acquire and preserve thousands of acres of sensitive habitats and create a number of threatened and endangered species of Shrine in San Diego and Imperial areas.

“Protecting the environment has been a crucial part of this project in the planning and construction phase as we move forward with, we want all the effects of sensitive resources,” said Michael r. Niggli, President and Chief Operating Officer of SDG & e.  “Therefore, the design and engineering services Sunrise Powerlink extensive relaxation of our efforts, we have reduced to 45% of the General environmental impact of our work in the construction sector – a significant achievement.”

Mr. Schwarzenegger, the Governor shall expire at the end of the year hallintaoikeusmuodot than in January, has been a proponent of the Sun’s energetic and other renewable sources of energy. He discussed the Sunrise Powerlink for several minutes, the video of her on the Web. Earlier this year, he spoke at the ceremony, marking the second large power-line to the beginning of the project outside of Los Angeles.

High-voltage lines is Depression era, when the infrastructure is built to deliver electricity to the Hoover Dam to Los Angeles and the Tennessee Valley Authority began to supply energy in the rural South, because the case has attracted such attention.

Currently there is only one line of energy-carrying Imperial Valley, the Governor said, and it is used at full capacity. “Tired of that line, it is exhausted, it cannot be processed any longer,” he said.

It should not take five years to approve a new line, Mr. Schwarzenegger said.

“We did that in turn was a barrier,” he said, “and there is no reason for this purpose. I mean, is inexcusable that lasts for a period of five years to build a transmission line. It should go faster. Does not excuse, which lasts for ten years to build a motorway is extra. Or that it will take 20 years to build a highway to the airport. I mean, what is the data? In China, those things are proposed to be built in four years. We take 10 years, some of them, for 15 years, 20 years.

“It is very important for everyone to get together and learn to make faster.”

The Sunrise Powerlink has finally was built, he said, “it is good news for our energy future, especially when you think back 10 years ago, when our energy future is not clear at all. We had the blackouts — rolling blackouts — shortages of water and where the bottlenecks. Remember that? Our mission is to enrich people’s lives and businesses was thrown into chaos. “

Status is taking a new direction for energy and the world, paying attention, Mr. Schwarzenegger said.

“Just last year, we have adopted 5 000 megawatts of electricity produced from renewable energy projects, such as wind, solar and geothermal,” the Governor said.

He repeatedly glorified power line project, saying is “a great economy, employment, and very large is our environment.”

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