Recurrent Energy Announces Sunset reservoir Solar Power System in San Francisco commercial activity

SAN FRANCISCO–leading a repeating the energy of the Sun, the project developer and creating the company today announced a five-megawatt (MW) solar system Sunset reservoir atop San Francisco commercial activity. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) is a purchasing system in 25 years of Power purchase agreement (PPA) that are generated by the use of renewable energy sources.
“With This one project we are tripling in the land of the rising sun to use San Francisco California: local government and the trolley’s major municipal solar array, to a maximum amount of” said Mayor Newsom. “San Francisco is a leading example for California’s future green jobs and the use of renewable energy sources and a cleaner environment is based on a growing economy.”

Solar system over, in the heart of San Francisco’s total solar generating capacity, and 24 000 solar panels consists of. Use the power of the Sun in the city and County, San Francisco’s municipal services and facilities such as the airport and the city’s buildings, lightrail. The project, which was granted on competitive offer process, needs to be further strengthened, available to the private sector to reduce sharply the profitability of the federal tax credit of 30% of project costs, etc.

Arno Harris, repeating the energy CEO “strong public policy and economic leadership was critical tasks to import this project online,” said. “We Appreciate everyone who has played a key role in this project’s commitment to clean energy and green economy.”

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