Recurrent Energy Opens first International Office in Toronto, Canada

TORONTO–leading a repeating the energy of the Sun, the project developer and creating the company today announced the company’s first International Office in Toronto, Canada. Place of work, the energy development in Canada and repeated US East region.
About a dozen employees in downtown Toronto at the Office, which is located in 214 King Street West, is based on and focus on the development, enabling and construction management. April 2010, the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) awarded contracts to a recurring Energy OPA’s Feed-in tariff program under the Most distributed solar projects. Local repeating the energy group offers a feed for other tariff in project development in the land of the rising sun, in order to supplement the 149.5 funds MWac support is-country.

David Brochu, Director, East Region Development and Managing Director, Canada, repeating the energy “on the opening of the signals of the Toronto Office of the next phase of a long term commitment of the recurring Energy helps Ontario green energy and economic goals,” said. “We have been active in the province for several years and are now investing heavily to increase the number of solar power plants in the territory of the network by 2013, which is a direct result of a strong provincial policy management.”

OPA Fit the enterprise expects to invest in projects of more than 650 million dollars CAN solar modules; electrical equipment, steel and Metal manufacture; and related services, such as installation and project management.

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