In Germany, the new Power Generation in 2009 Came mostly from solar, wind

Symbol indicates German production plan is the land of the rising sun
Industry Conference held in San Francisco.

Approximately 80% of the total growth in electricity generating capacity in 2009 of the German electricity market was based on the increase in the number of solar and wind systems, Monitoring Bundesnetzagentur-report 2009 issued by a regulatory agency in the country for electricity.

“This rapid increase in the land of the rising sun provided almost comparable to that end, operators of 2009, revenue in the wind energy sector with the operators, even if the power feed wind systems was almost six times that of solar power feed,” said Matthias Kurth, the Director-General of the Office. “And we are looking forward to the rapid growth of solar generating capacity to continue their identity card, as well as the consequences of additional renewable energy sources and electricity.”

Renewable energy surcharge rises 2011 3.53-euro cents per kilowatt hour, 1,5 euro cents for the 2010 surcharge over, Bundesnetzagentur reported. But Mr. Kurth said greater returns the electricity network operators do not appear to be justified.

“The Bundesnetzagentur supports network operators will be updated and expanding infrastructure, for example, with a view to the adoption of budgets, according to their investment. Yet the interest of consumers, we have to oppose the greater returns a new calls for proposals. The current information would not justify the use of these. By contrast, the Bundesbank’s return on equity in accordance with the opinion delivered by the current yield is an important factor has also fallen, “Mr. Kurth said.

The average domestic customers increased by around 3%, electricity prices, the Agency reported. The reasons are the large increase in the surcharge of renewable energy sources and energy suppliers for malicious software at the beginning of 2010, the long-term procurement strategies.

“Consumers, in fact, can cut their invoices significantly by changing to a different pricing plans. By default, Standard, or continue to supply the imperatives of the most expensive form of a grant. Is cheaper, if consumers changed default supplier pricing plan, or supplier. So far, however, more than half of all domestic customers have done so, even if they choose, on average, approximately 120 suppliers and save up to $ 160 per year, “Mr. Kurth said.

Bundesnetzagentur report said, proved to be very reliable electricity in 2009, vendors, and domestic, business and industrial customers.

“Even though the integration of renewable energy sources is a huge technical challenge for network operators, electricity infrastructure, in fact, is a reliable and stable,” news release said. The current report on the Agency’s any interruptions in the supply end of the period of suspension of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2009, the average was 14.6 minutes per sale to the final consumer. In this figure, the average duration of the suspension system, called the index has fallen for the third consecutive year, and it represents the highest performance at the international level, the Agency announced.

“Grid guaranteeing a high level of reliability is a huge challenge for renewable energy sources and one of rapid growth, which can only be filled in if not huge investment on the basis of all network levels,” the Bundesnetzagentur said. German Power Grid Expansion Act or EnLAG, to promote the extension of the measures necessary for the conduct of and the names of the 24 projects in the priority for processing. Some projects have been delayed, however, and planned start dates may be as late as possible, in some cases for several years.

The identifier for the design of the grid of transmission system operators (TSOs) reports also show the delays in the European Agency for the management of projects in 139 37 said. The report of the investment information Monitoring Bundesnetzagentur document transmission, particularly in view of the considerable delay in the construction and extension projects.

The problem is one of the not unknown in the United States.

“Real-world problems,” Mr. Kurth said, “be not a lack of willingness on the part of the undertakings to invest in. Most people, when asked, are strictly for the benefit and sustainable generation in the future. But when is being set up close to their homes as its consent to the Mast, has often been retracted. The desire to open the landscape itself often involving environmental protection global theoretical support. Much work is done here to persuade their people otherwise. Bundesnetzagentur is aware of their responsibilities, since win approval. A multidisciplinary approach may be one way to move forward. If the high-voltage Mast can bring high-speed Internet to rural, resistance may insolvency. “

The Agency said the European internal market for electricity is growing “bit by bit.”

“Initiative was launched in the market, the Association on the date of entry into force on 9 November 2010 between Germany, France and the Benelux countries,” the Agency said in its press release. “The Very same day, this Association was linked to the Association of the Nordic market, which includes also with Germany. When creating this Bundesnetzagentur played a key role to play in the super integration co-ordination mechanisms to come. Electricity market for dealing or trading purposes, it means that extends now half of Europe. “

The report also discussed matters relating to the trading of electricity exchanges of energy, on-the-spot 2009. Showing a clear increase of information to be exchanged at the balance-sheet date would not be in a position to comply with the increase in the price level of the year 2010, with a moderate, it said, mentioning the “the growing importance of cross-border e-commerce, integration of renewable energy sources in Exchange.”

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