Bakersfield College Parties 1-Megawatt SunPower Solar Power System

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., 8. Dec 2010–Kern Community College District and SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB) are from the workbook today 1-megawatt solar power system Bakersfield College.  The system is expected to be approximately one third of the members of the College of electricity demand, to provide effective and duly SunPower’s solar panels and advanced monitoring of the use of solar energy technology to a large extent.

Dr. Greg a. Chamberlain, Bakersfield College, in his capacity as President of the “it’s a good idea to clean, renewable solar resource using the power of our schools in a sustainable,” said.  “Powerful technology is Installed on our site to maximize the sunlight is converted into electricity, which our operations and cost savings that we can achieve as a result of the carrying amount of the asset.  SunPower’s experience in the training facilities throughout the State, that gave us the confidence that they can understand and our specific requirements. “

For five months, the system features 3-acre parking lot canopy structure with almost SunPower solar panels that CIG track throughout the day, the Sun, shade, adjust the lot and the electronic campus is built in the land of the rising sun.  SunPower is similar to the following: (n) monitoring the Sun design will produce up to 25% more energy, if the Bakersfield College than similarly sized flat, roof-top system.

Jim Pape, SunPower’s residential and business group President said “Community College and school districts shall be those laid down in California are seizing the opportunity to help the growing energy demand and, in line with the objectives of renewable energy sources, the status”.  “Bakersfield College a significant return on investment for you to understand that deliver SunPower systems and experienced partner with added value.”

At the bottom of the column, its conversion formulas provided by the EPA, the solar system, Bakersfield College through not more than 2,3 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually.  This corresponds to more than 5,900 cars from California’s roads during the 30 years of the system, the emissions of the displaced.

SunPower has more than 650 large solar systems in the times or on the basis of an agreement on a global basis.  The company has built a California community colleges of Mendocino College, Napa Valley College, Ohlone College, Foothill Community College-DeAnza circuit and the Los Angeles Community College District systems in the land of the rising sun.

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