California Climate LeaderSHIP awards recognize Small Businesses

California Air Resources Board is authorised, the CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards, which recognize from the small business size status, which indicates a history of climate leadership through Jan. 24 candidates.

The awards will honor California companies with fewer than 100 employees, which reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases, to contribute to the protection of the information on the site of mobilising practices and the use of integrated business in 2010.

Mary d. Nichols, Air resources-news-version, Chairman of the Board “, there are many small California-undertakings which carry out innovative and creative measures to green their activities and increase their line,” said.  “CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards provide them with the opportunity to help other companies, see how easy it is to step on their carbon footprint and save them money to cut.”

Companies, which include climatic actions of their activities to improve their bottom line and can be ‘ ambassadors to the other small businesses looking to, perform the following steps.

The prizes shall be adopted in accordance with the California small businesses into two different groups:

CoolCalifornia Small Business of the year award: awarded to those who took important steps to reduce their climate change effects and can demonstrate measurable results. This includes, in order to achieve the measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and documented; the savings in energy costs; or investment in clean or renewable energy sources; the purchase of environmentally preferable products; electric or hybrid vehicles for the purchase of and training for employees, customers and the general public. [1] [2] CoolCalifornia Climate Leader award: awarded to those who were proactive. effects of climate change to reduce their This may include changes in illumination, recycling programs, environmentally preferable products and increased weatherization.

California small businesses that meet the requirements, by definition, the California Department of General Services may apply for the awards online at 24 January 2011 after, through.

Air Resources Board of Directors approves the winners in may, a public ceremony to Sacramento, and the property of their profiles website.

Last year, the Government identified 21 medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which took note of the various types of operations, save money at the same time, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 2009 Small Business Award Winners list is available at

Previous winners have received recognition for installing compact fluorescent lights, or solar panels, to support telecommuting, carpooling and climate action plans in the specific business and contribute to the development of mobilising the duration of the employee with the programmes of the problem.

The jury grants program was created to help in carrying out their duties, the AB 32, California’s Global Warming Solutions for the financial year 2006, to participate in a large number of small firms and the action plan shall be adopted in accordance with the scope TO AB 32 Air resources Board in December 2008. Climate action be .gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was signed in September 2006, the legislation and calls on California to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at 1990 levels by 2020.

Air Resources Board of Directors will currently sponsors CoolCalifornia Small Business awards.  For information about sponsorship opportunities can be used to contact Mary Farr at or calling (916) 445-8290.

Air Resources Board, Department of medicine, California Environmental Protection Agency. The jury’s task is to promote and protect public health, animal welfare and the reduction of the ecological resources, with a view to the efficient identification of the impurities, and taking into account the effects on the economy at the same time. The Board shall supervise the control of all air pollution, greater efforts should be made to achieve and maintain a health-based standards without in California.

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