China’s domestic solar PV installations up to the status of the mail-merge document, the Ministry says:

The cost of photovoltaic solar electricity by the action of a dropping as low as possible about the 1 Yuan (15 cents) per kilowatt-hour will be created in a very sunny areas — which is a lot of the people’s Republic of China is unable to begin — by accelerating the domestic large-scale solar installations, the Ministry of finance, said, in the light of the recent report on its website.

A number of years the country has developed the world’s leading solar PV production capacity, such as the Suntech Power Holdings, Yingli Green Energy, Trina solar system, LDK Solar and other companies of the Chair. In 2009 the Chinese PV cell production was 40% of the global market, the Ministry will notify you. However, the majority of the people’s Republic of China for the production of solar equipment has been exported to Europe, as a matter of priority.

Considered to have been made in the photovoltaic industry moves toward domestic installations on a larger scale, the industry is expected to achieve “grid parity” long before the energy producing, at the same end, about the cost of conventional sources. When this happens, businesses and citizens can give the “green power,” the Ministry said in a report.

The combination of financial assistance, technology development and capital market-driven strategies, as well as providing support to help promote the large-scale solar power generation, domestic ramping report said.

Financial aid is the most direct and effective means to promote the acceptance of the terms of reference, it should be noted.

Golden Sun demonstration projects and Solar roofs programme of operations setting out, which may be replaced by up to 50% of the cost of the equipment, such as the most attractive incentives in the United States, the main aid applications as referred to in the report. Subsidies are also helps you to import electricity in remote areas, where people have now does not have access to the power grid, the Ministry said.

. Parks as and special economic development of areas which fall within the scope of the places, where large-scale can be used in solar energy and 13 parks have been identified as photovoltaic “demonstration areas.” The country has more than 100 large economic and technological development in the region, with an average area of tens of square kilometers, and could support approximately 100 MW scale solar installations.

Within two years of the manufacturer, the aim is to reduce the cost of solar PV, less than 1 Yuan (15 cents), large-scale installations/kwh in the country of origin, the report said.

On a global basis to the financial crisis in emerging countries competing policies “green New Deal” in a manner and to develop the Sun and other new energy technologies, the report said.

“Global PV industry is entering a new phase of the large-scale applications,” the Ministry said.

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