Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies and PVA TePla Announce cooperation agreement of superconducting magnet crystal growth and the development of photovoltaic system applications

BERGISCH GLADBACH, Germany–Bruker Energy & Supercon technologies, Inc. (BEST) and PVA TePla AG (PVA) announced today that they have signed a cooperation agreement in order to allow more efficient monocrystalline si growing process of photovoltaic (PV) applications, the common development.

Innovative concept based on the food produced by type for the application of a strong magnetic field of superconducting crystal growth magnet (SC-CGM) under development is the BEST, and in particular for the purposes of the PV applications. SC-CGM is expected to be integrated into THE PVA TePla puller for Crystal, the powers of the Center for Industrial CCIC: Crystal growth (N) Wettenberg, Germany.

Today, the efficiency of solar cells, often creating degraded by too large an oxygen content by volume in the Crystal structure. Oxygen originated in si-Oxide, which is used for growing oven the so-called Czochralski process, the Crucible wall. With the special application of the manufacture of magnetic field is expected to Dampen the melt flow and thus enables a more uniform crystal lattice Crystal oxygen transport.

Dr. Detlef Krischel, is the best responsible for SC-CGM product line director explains: “our PVA TePla and the cooperation with the aim to demonstrate, by example, the growth in the photovoltaic solar cell conversion efficiency, according to which the computer simulations to achieve stable income with Crystal production predicted. We believe in the magnetic field of the planned new features allows us to better control of the process parameters, which are the high productivity of the growing process in the key of the SI “

Mr. Michael Volk, PVA Crystal Growing Systems Manager Division is added: “we believe in integration with our strong magnet puller allows us to offer a turn-key system enhanced on the basis of robust crystal growing process for customers. We also believe in the efficiency of solar cells with stable yield helps to harmonize the General costs of the PV industry IN PV modules. “

THE BEST and the first results of THE PVA TePla is waiting for their cooperation in the spring of 2011.

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