New solar PV tax rebate levels Specify Please effect Under Massachusetts Program

Relations with the republics of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts field 4 Solar II tax rebate program is closed and block 5 is scheduled to begin in January of the year at a reduced rate of the incentive levels.

Base incentive may result in a loss of $ 1/DC Watt-meter (full-time) 75 cents per watt-meter. “Adder” home values to them in a moderate-to-moderate income to remove the $ 1 per watt-meter 85 cents per watt-meter. The program will continue to offer a 10-cent adder for use in the company of Massachusetts.

The program announced in an e-mail message, that it will continue to provide for a reduction in the capacity of commercial projects (where the restated up to 10 kW) in the first 5 kilowatts, and for the first 5 kilowatts residential projects (with no size limit).

The program will be available at the time of the maximum discount is $ 1.70 per watt-meter.

“This amendment allows us more discount for installations, while retaining the rebates sufficiently to make solar an affordable option for Massachusetts residents and the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises,” the program officials said the message. “We estimate that approximately 200 more clients to be able to get credits in 2011 as a result of this change incentives that by combining the discount in respect of activities of self-employed Solar rebates and other incentives to reduce the federal institution of the place of residence of the typical costs of more than half.”

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, which oversees the program, said it intends to continue to finance the relations with the republics of the Commonwealth Solar II discounts through 2011, streamlined application process to reduce the necessary paperwork to applicants and to speed up the review and handling.

Webinar is scheduled for the Check, the program changes to installers and other relevant stakeholders at the beginning of the group said before opening Block 5 January 2011.

For more information about the program is available from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

Information on the Sun’s energy-related rebates and other incentives for the whole country is a database of State incentives for Renewables and efficiency of the project funded by the U.s. Department of energy,.

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