Officials commemorate the Construction Start Solar Carports is Long Island

Long Island’s construction has begun on Suffolk Solar Carport project, which is expected to be as much as 17 MW shall be forwarded to the Long Island Power authority in eventually.

The region is leased for a period of seven parking sites energy company enXco Development Corp. with solar modules at the top of the carports in construction. Power Authority has signed 20-year power purchase agreement for electricity, which will be created.

Such as the authority of the Member State in which the news release, “the project also serves a unique teaching tool for carports users can get firsthand look at how clean renewable energy sources in the same condition.”

Sun carports has become increasingly more common in recent years, California, Arizona and Nevada, except on the bus parking lots are also schools, at military installations and other parking areas, such as museums and senior citizen centers.

New York City be .gov. David a. Paterson; Long Island-the beginning of the construction of the project took part in.

“Today’s announcement is a step that our State is a member of the energy independence and financial security,” he said, according to a press release the power of authority. “Through to take advantage of existing structures, we can keep costs and maximize our limited funds clean energy initiatives. This project will be created jobs and change the value of the economy for future generations and is still our goals to make the space more energy efficient and affordable everyday New Yorkers. “

New York State research and Development Authority has been granted to the competence of the authority, 6.7 million dollar Federal Recovery Act funding that allows you to connect to the solar panels Long Island electric grid carports installed the add-in. The project will be installed on more than 60 000 solar modules.

Create a project in order to supplement the benefits of electricity renewably will be included in the $ 8.5 $ 9 million in the leases, Suffolk County income Long Island Power Authority said. The construction work is expected to lead in approximately 10 million dollars, materials locally and 150-200 jobs in the construction sector. Mercury-Atlas of the solar system, the installation of the Systems is a company.

“Today’s groundbreaking shows a consistent commitment to Long Island and LIPA’s customers to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency, diversify our energy Portfolio, we use and dependence on fossil fuels contribute to the local economy, the clean energy jobs and help build the Sun in order to reduce the risk of Long Island-industry” said: Michael Hervey, that the authority of the Chief Operating Officer.

The County lots are h. Lee Dennison building and North County Complex Hauppauge, the Court of Justice of the Complex Central Islip Cohalan and Riverhead County, as well as the County-owned parking lots, Brentwood, Ronkonkoma and Deer park, Long Island Railroad stations.

Power Authority said that, since the module will be built there parking lots of the structures in the light of the above, the local environment is not changed. Reduction shall not take place available parking spaces are available in all locations, the number of the press release said, thanks to the snow plowing and design and maintenance.

The power of the authority of the Member State in which a year ago, of the other part, signed purchase agreements for a total of approximately 50 MW (AC) BP Solar international and enXco separate projects. Long Island well-just a short walk from the Centre of 50 megawatts solar installations and production capacity could be to provide enough electricity to approximately 6,500 households each year meet the needs of the utility’s assessment.

David Kirkpatrick, Vice President of the development of solar carport institutions enXco, said: “we are pleased to launch the valuable projects construction. These sites will represent the largest diversified utility-scale solar project enXco and our first New York City. We applaud the efforts and commitment of the LIPA and Suffolk County vital renewable energy project in their service area and look forward to the successful in the future. “

Frank Alfano, Mercury, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the solar system Systems said, “Our group is excited to bring these unique Sun carports Long Island, the largest project of its kind in all of Us”

A separate agreement with BP solar system is the installation of a capacity of about 32 MW (AC), Brookhaven National Laboratory, up to a maximum of 200 acres, the u.s. Department of energy facility, Upton, approximately 60 miles east of New York. Construction is expected to start in mid-2011, and even 200 jobs in the construction sector. The installation must be close to the Long Island Power authority in the substation is a vast arrays of single table 1 or 2 megawatts of electricity to designate a laboratory which is, directly or indirectly, the use of solar energy research center and composed of.

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