Standard solar Brings Alternative energy, Municipal buildings, Prince Georges County

, ROCKVILLE, MD–(BUSINESS Wire)–standard solar system, Inc., the leader in the development of full service installation and solar electrical systems for commercial, Government and residential customers, today announced funding for the municipal buildings in the land of the rising sun projects County, Prince Georges, including the city of Bladensburg and Cottage and various police departments of the Town Hall buildings in the series.
Prince George County energy efficiency and conservation Block Grant Solar projects represent more than 144 solar energy systems for more than nine buildings kW. Urban Systems are expected to save almost $ 30 000 in the case of the electricity produced. They also produce more than $ 50 000 per year by selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).

“Prince Georges County performed flips towards alternative energy sources to power its municipal buildings, an important step,” said Executive Director Scott Wiater, standard Solar. “Solar energy has become a practical and cheap solution to all of our next door neighbors to local schools and Governments.”

Standard solar system is already installed for seven rooftop systems. Systems are located in the Police Department, North Bladensburg Brentwood Town Hall, Brentwood Town Hall, Cottage City Police Station, Mt. Rainier Town Hall, Colmar Manor City Hall and the folder in the City of Glenarden municipal Center.

Two supplementary City, Seat Pleasant Forest Heights City Hall and the municipal Building is expected to meet the February at the latest by the end of 2011. Solar panels will be installed, as well as those systems, parking structure.

“Standard of the solar system that was instrumental in allowing to provide necessary technical expertise ‘ shovel ready for use ‘ and to soften the project timeline. Standard solar system’s commitment to this project has been a steady and carry out the verification tests they performed a high level of professionalism, “said James Flynn, Division of criminal investigation Police Department Bladensburg Sergeant.

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