The Defense Department to install high gain solar selects the arrays in the United States military bases in the land of the rising sun Skyline

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–Skyline Solar high Gain Solar (HGS) arrays for trade, industry, Government and utility market, the manufacturer, today announced that the company has been awarded the project, the u.s. Department of Defense (DoD) two domestic military justification for the introduction of the HGS systems. The aim of the project to point to the Skyline Solar’s HGS performance in hot and sunny climates and strengthen its field upgradability and rapid system deployment capabilities. The projects assessed and evaluated in accordance with the combined production is 436 megawatt hours per year.
During the recent Energy Security Forum-speech Admiral Mike Mullen, the Joint Chiefs of staff, the President described the army please refer to the serious energy renewable energy sources necessary for safety. “Otherwise, ensure the development and use of new energy sources, or improve the use of legacy-energy systems and create strategic vulnerability if unaddressed, could threaten national security.”

Shall seek to promote energy independence vis-à-vis the US DoD launched the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) to promote innovative, cost-efficient environmental technologies through the DoD sites, presentations, and more. Skyline solar system, has been awarded the ESTCP project competition in financial products, the purpose is to identify technologies which resolve key DoD needs and with a maximum possible widespread deployment.

Thomas Rohrs, Managing Director, Skyline Solar “ESTCP is terrific program, which encourages the development of renewable energy sources in the Ministry of defence shall, in accordance with the national security and speed up the adoption of the energy independence,” said. “Competitive offer process, and the resulting DoD agreement check the Skyline Solar’s ability to provide proven performance, upgradability and rapid scale. On the grounds of the United States and demonstrate the unique effectiveness of the Skyline of the projects: n HGS technology helps protect against energy needs to our army and State institutions. “

DoD project is the latest example of the ESTCP Skyline Solar wins the competition in its pursuit of cost-efficient innovation requests, at the level of renewable energy sources. The recent Skyline Solar was one of the first companies in the two patents in the United States Patent and trademark Office’s (USPTO) through the Green Technology Pilot Program, an initiative of crucial federal 2010 green in order to speed up the process of innovation patent. In 2008, the company won the highly competitive incubator PV-sub-contract from the U.s. Department of energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies program through (SETP; previously, the Solar America Initiative). Federally-funded program to accelerate promising technology into pilot production and recognized Skyline Solar to develop technology that “can make solar energy cost-competitive for the conventional forms of electricity.”

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