By using solar PV light the pathway to the future of the poverty of the people a brighter

Kevin Kilkelly, left, SolarWorld, President of the United States made a donation to the sales of the solar Electric Light Fund Robert Freling earlier this year to help power the Haitian health clinics in rural areas.

Solar photovoltaic systems are environmentally friendly way to generate electricity.

Their use improves by reducing dependence on outside sources of national security, the top military leaders say.

The grid is bound to private individuals, the Sun, as well as the independence of an electronic system to create a sense of belonging and to promote the valuable service to the other, I do not know the unusual Association: when you are at home in Sunny days, you use the electricity comes from direct sun. When you’re not at home, you will need to use that energy neighbor.

Another benefit of solar electricity is, that, by adopting the costs down, helps drive that ultimately helps bring cleaner, more reliable energy poverty, rural living in who do not have smooth access to electricity at all, and are likely to receive at any time soon.

These populations are not only places, such as Africa, India and China. Navajo Nation to the people of some of the most limited access to electricity in the United States. 2004, approximately 18 000 households had no electricity, Navajo report to u.s. Department of energy’s Office of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Groups, such as Solar Electric Light Fund, and other help to import electricity and can stream, such as the modern telecommunications or medical equipment can be isolated and rural issues. Solar industry companies also are stepping up exchanges of information on some of the world’s poorest people will help leapfrog, starting from the 19th-century technology straight to the 21st century.

In Haiti, as a matter of urgency,
Do you need help. (A)
power grid
is not
no longer exists.
Diesel supplies
are expensive
and safe.
Solar energy
is less than or equal to
the appropriate source
communicate to the Commission the texts of hospitals
with electricity.

“Larry Hagman
Actress, filantrooppi

SolarWorld has informed the company that provides background information about the high-performance modules, the value 100 000 watts was submitted to the Miami Port-au Prince, Haiti, if they are used for the purpose of the five centers reliably and remotely medical kirjastokäyttöoikeutta ran out of power medical gear, cooling and air conditioning.

440 230-watt solar panels – around 40 a typical home systems – the third round of the foreign national comes as equivalent to the transfer means the device upon which the SolarWorld has given to respond to humanitarian needs in Haiti, which was devastated by an earthquake, a growing almost a year ago.

Solar Electric Light Fund, US-based interest group, which makes use of sustainable energy communities in developing countries, support to a large extent to replace expensive manages, unreliable diesel generators set up pursuant to the Health, international medical relief organization partners in clinics of the project. Clinics operated by the Haitian health group in cooperation with the Organization Zanmi Lasante. SolarWorld, yourself, and health partners undertook the first such health clinic Boucan Carré, Haiti’s Central plateau in 2009, the project.

Haiti 1.1. 12 after the earthquake also provided with a general interest organisation SolarWorld Water Missions International, whose solar panels for water pumping stations exist.

The work of partners in Health clinics preliminary site now that changes. The panels are expected to arrive in Port-au-Prince in mid-December, and then make their way from the beginning of the project locations, more generally, to the North of the capital of late in January, the various routes along the SolarWorld said the news release. Clinics are La Colline, Lascahobas arrondissement de, Thomonde, Petite Riviere and Verrettes. Installation work is expected through the spring.

Robert a. Freling, Executive Director of the solar Electric Light Fund “Major medical equipment in the Port-au-Prince destruction of small arms and light weapons is now greater dependence on rural health facilities,” said. “Some have moved back to the rural areas, and after the earthquake, the load on rural health centres in the greater than and as a result of the operation of hospitals. The power of the reliability of the clinics in question it is absolutely important. SolarWorld panels offers to double the advantage to offer a clean, healthy power without fail for decades, but also save money otherwise spent scarce fuel purchases and machine making corrections. Which in turn need to reply to the clinics in question shall apply to the primary savings: medical relief. “

Larry Hagman, actress, best known as the long-running TV series “Dallas,” Star helped, to promote the SolarWorld handing over, whether or not. The largest solar system in the place of residence in the US, the owner Mr. Hagman is SELF-government’s longstanding traditions of Member, and has given the SolarWorld testimonials.

“In view of the urgent need for the Haitian people in need of help,” he said. “The power of grid is not no longer exists. Diesel are expensive and safe. Solar energy is the energy to provide the most appropriate source of electricity in hospitals. “

SolarWorld, which is manufacturing of Hillsboro, Ore, and Cardiff, Calif., the u.s. is working on the market in the world, is acting for purposes which are significant from the point of view of the Sun and provides equipment donations through its Solar2World program. The program is dedicated to addressing energy poverty in developing countries, where up to 2 billion people live without electricity estimated widely available.

Solar Electric Light Fund accepts donations through its website.

At a press conference in Texas in 2009 of the former Soviet Union President Mikhail s. Gorbachev, who had allied with the then President Ronald Reagan returns to the partner States in Eastern Europe and the Western cooperative relationship, said that the energy transformation through the combined efforts of a worldwide recession may lead to recovery. But it does not, add it, he said.

“It is not just a matter for the rescue of the world economy – is more at stake,” Mr. Gorbachev said. “We are looking forward to this crisis Is not the results of the economy, we had 50 years of the old model for replication. If we set up this effort in order to reduce the level of hydrocarbons in the healthy economy Act, this provision should be made for a sustainable economy and Pohjatyön sustainable growth in the future. …This economic crisis is a major new sustainable development path, which has been the beginning of a long period of time. The Sun is a major investment and create a significant impact on the economy. 2 billion people, currently living without electricity in the land of the rising sun is the best hope. “

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