Germany, Norway plan Cable link Add renewable energy through the integration of help

Designed for underwater electricity cable is
whose aim is to help both the German and
The Kingdom of Norway on the use of electricity produced from renewable energy sources
effectively. The fishermen tries to his
good luck, Lübeck, Northern Germany.


Intermittent energy in view of the large number of integration in the land of the rising sun and wind electricity to the network installations have been made to the intense planning and preparation in the United States and other countries.

The sun passes through the clouds have a significant effect on the photovoltaic systems. Some of the owners, in particular, to locate the cumulus type of sudden irksome chastened, pleasingly with prodigious output, recurring collapse. PV-system vis-à-vis households can be returned and then back to the thousands of Watts in seconds; large commercial system, millions.

Wind power too, waxes and wanes.

In Germany, the top of the nation and the world’s leading provider of solar wind and the Norwegian producer, which is the oil producer in the Czech Republic has extensive hydroelectric resources, are teaming to help combat a new transmission line, a large part of its underwater kompensoinnista problem.

Bundesnetzagentur German electricity regulatory agency, recently issued the residence document conferring the right to compensation, the proposed provisions of the regulation of certain energy high-voltage electricity cable is called NorGer between Germany and Norway. The cable is intended to allow Germany sends electricity to Norway, where the German wind turbines are more energy than by using the grid. Norway could provide a stabilizing flows into Germany, when the turbines and solar PV systems for marking.

The decision was taken at the request of the agency Bundesnetzagentur company NorGer KS, the Agency said in a news release.

“For us, the decision is a positive signal liittymisneuvotteluille and renewable energy sources, and is of great importance to the European market integration,” said the President of the Bundesnetzagentur, Matthias Kurth.

A European regulation allows for the release of some of the new direct current interconnectors, congestion management procedures and the cooling air flowing over the network, and access to all the provisions relating to the use of revenues to the exemptions.

Exemption shall be granted if, inter alia, the investment will improve competition in the electricity generation, and if the level of risk attached to the investment is such that the investment would not take place unless an exemption was granted Bundesnetzagentur release said. Derogations shall be granted in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of Norway on the Petroleum Ministry Bundesnetzagentur and energy.

“The decision has been taken with the consent of the Swiss Federal Office of the cartel, and is a major step towards the implementation of the project. Although the European Commission may oppose the Bundesnetzagentur decision of February to the end of 2011, I am confident that the Commission supports this cross-border projects, “Mr. Kurth said.

Agder Energi AS, Lyse Statnett SF Produksjon as and for companies of all sizes and in Norway, the Swiss company Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft AG, which is jointly controlled by the NorGer KS.

The Consortium aims to build upon the first connection directly to the extra power, Norway and Germany. High-voltage direct current cable is almost 600 km long (about 360 miles) and their capacity is 1 400 megawatts. It is expected to be link between Germany and the Kingdom of Norway on the power over the market by 2015. The publication of the said, the Bundesnetzagentur new interconnector capacity will be made available to the buyer of the on-the-spot market power in electricity exchanges with the implicit auction mechanism.

“Thanks to German and Norwegian interconnector, wind power in Germany and hydroelectric sources, which are at the heart of the Norwegian energy levels on each other with varying degrees of Association produced, through the market. This also significantly contributes to the achievement of the implementation of the German Government energy concept, “Mr. Kurth said.

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