Used as one of the Top 25 Carmanah VIATeC

VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada–Carmanah Technologies, world leader in solar powered LED lighting systems for controlling incineration operations, recording and Canada’s largest provider of development aid in the Sun Grid, in the event of a tie, and systems in the mobile, a recently-approved as one of the top 25 high-tech firms in 2010, the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Center. Top 25 list is based on revenue performance. Selected in the top 25 companies drive almost 800 € M which is even substantially as in previous years, revenue, and employ more than 3000 people. These companies, the results indicate that the field of information technology, Vancouver Island, which is a major force in the local economy.

Roland Sartorius, Chief Financial Officer and Carmanah Technologies says, “being recognized as one of the top companies in the region, Victoria and has the honour to confirm. Carmanah has made the list in the past, and the upper 25 we are delighted to continue to be one of the larger information technology companies headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. “Carmanah is proud technology community locally and as a part of it.”

VIATeC-25 is an annual list of the largest technology companies has its head office or in the greater Victoria VIATeC 25 is based on revenue and KPMG and Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP sponsored.

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