Arizona Utility solar PV power plants to sign contracts for the construction of the

Arizona public service co., which connects two solar photovoltaic power plants, a total of 33 megawatts of capacity, has signed contracts with two more aggregate capacity is 37 MW in construction.

The company, Arizona: the largest electric utility, of the said press release, with SunEdison taking ownership at completion of new plants developed by APS.

Built for Hyder, 40-mile Yuma and Chino Valley, Prescott, on the East coast of the North 15 to apply for a period of two other plants will bring the company’s renewable energy Portfolio almost 682 megawatts by 2013. This figure includes the development of the projects.

17 Megawatt solar plants and Hyder 20-megawatt Chino Valley project, as well as two other plants, bulbs, roots and now under construction, all belong to a program called AZ Sun Company intends to develop 100 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations owned by the add-in model, in which the contract notice for contracts with a third-party build solar plants and APS takes ownership, when it goes in commercial activities.

“These two solar projects increase the geographical diversity of the resource and continue our energy supply, and AZ Sun to be adopted in accordance with the diversity of ownership, they also provide,” said Don Robinson, year n being the year in which the President and Chief Operating Officer. “By adding layers of diversity in our energy, we have our fuel costs, risks and to increase the energy supply for our customers. Microsoft also offers another important contribution to the Arizona’s growing renewable energy sources in the industry. “

Hyder-June 2011 for the construction of the factory, which is expected to be expected for 2011 quarter in-service Date begins. Chino Valley-the project is expected to start passing the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the first quarter of 2012 wait for 2012 for the fourth quarter. Both plants use polycrystalline photovoltaic panels to install one of the axis of the monitoring systems.

“SunEdison is still to make large scale solar power generation a reality at the global level add-ins” Carlos Domenech, SunEdison President said. “Solid track record of SunEdison is addressed to the selection of the add-in deployment and scale of the Sun is proud to help achieve its goals in the field of renewable energy sources in the Enterprise APS.”

March 2010, the Arizona Corporation Commission adopts AZ Sun-program. YEAR’s other two AZ Sun projects, 15-megawatt-at the end of the installation of the air force base and Luke 18-megawatt project, Gila Bend, both are scheduled to come online in 2011.

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