Fresh & easy to announce partnership for the Roof to be to install Sun Nine Arizona stores

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., 8. Dec 2010-Fresh & Easy network neighborhood Market, today announced a partnership with REC solar system, solar electric system in the United States, the leading provider of rooftop mounted photo-voltaic nine stores. Solar energy Systems to produce more than 410 kW. Overall, the systems produce estimated 620,000-kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, to reduce CO2 emissions – 22 million pounds, or by removing the 28 million miles – to drive the car from an initial rotational speed equivalent to the following 25 years. Fresh & Easy stores already use 30% less energy than a typical supermarket.

“Fresh & Easy’s decision to become more energy independent, is an example of why Arizona Commerce authority has focused, in part to facilitate renewable energy investment, job creation and training. Arizona has become the capital of the world in the land of the rising sun and lead to an increase in demand for the nation as the Sun around the world and enhance the nationally, “said Don Cardon, President and CEO, Arizona Commerce authority.

Fresh & Easy has invested in one of California’s largest roof in the center of its distribution on solar installations in Riverside, California. Installation, which is more than 500 000 sq. specialty produce, at the moment, approximately 1/5 of the energy of the whole of the port facility. Fresh & Easy’s website features live reporting feed distribution center, reporting in real time the panels ( performance solar installation.

“For us, a solar panel installation in our distribution center successfully, we are confident in our stocks of these systems will help to reduce energy costs even further,” said Tim Mason, Fresh & Easy and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). “Innovation is the key to the following types through the Fresh & Easy has been able to cut back on energy and the water we use efficiencies that are better for the environment and help us keep our prices for our customers.”

REC solar system installation begins March 2011, the systems in the following stores:

“REC solar system industry expertise has long helped major retailers nationwide understands the objectives of their carbon cutting installation and we are excited about the photo-voltaic partner with Fresh & Easy its continuous distribution requirements to provide customers with a grocery shopping experience to the World Summit on sustainable development at the World Summit on sustainable environment,” said Kam Mofid, REC., Chairman of the solar system. “These devices will act as a model for other major retailers who want to talk a walk, in the case of conservation and their environmental footprint minimizes.”

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