Giant Ford Assembly Plant is moved from SUVs, EVs, and adding a solar PV

Published on 14. Dec 2010

Automatic manufacturing is now underway in the United States, a large part of the energy conversion.

Ford Motor Co. has announced that its giant Michigan Assembly Plant, which once churned out large SUVs, is ready to 550 million dollar transformation, which makes it the world’s first factory to build not only gas-powered cars kuluttavasta, but also three production version of electrical vehicles, including battery, electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

The company also said it will install solar photovoltaic system configuration-factory with battery storage system.

Michigan Assembly is used to produce all of the new global Ford Focus, which began production and sale goes to the early 2011. Zero-emission Electric Focus battery electric vehicle is scheduled to go into production in late next year after the entry into force of the new hybrid and plug-in for the production of a hybrid variety in 2012.

“We’ve renewed only approximately every square foot of this possibility to set up a high-tech, green, flexible and efficient auto factory, the new standard,” said Jim Tetreault, North America, manufacturing Ford Executive Vice President. “Michigan Assembly Plant transformation means as a symbol of the Ford transformation.”

Outside of the new 500-kilowatt solar panel system is installed with the help of renewable energy production. Ten new electric vehicle charging schemes drives property is used to load parts of the adjacent spaces between the function of the traffic in terms of electric trucks. Ford plant is 3-mile long assembly line.

Ford said the PV system is Michigan’s largest solar power generation system and are accompanied by charging stations EV represents the transition towards a “ecologically sustainable, more sustainable manufacturing.”

Ford said in a News release is teaming Detroit Edison and Xtreme Power to install solar PV-table. It will integrate a 750-kilowatt of energy storage system. Secondary, less solar energy installation at a later date, the lighting systems in Michigan at Assembly. Connected systems is expected to save about $ 160,000 a year in energy costs, the company said.

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