LADWP to appoint a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

LADWP sign

Published on 20. Dec 2010

Los Angeles Department of water and power, which has been recently from solar installers who work at the end of the city’s criticism of the social assistance system of the host, has been appointed new general manager.

Ron Nichols, with a wide electrical and water utility experience, is still faced with the confirmation of the City Council.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said “Ron Nichols brings more than 30 years of experience in the energy and water utility industry, a depth of California, with knowledge”. “His hands-on experience utility companies, financial and operational side of the work is invaluable, Los Angeles Department of water and Power.”

Mr. Nichols specialises in the design of the public and the private sector, financing and development of the energy and water utility infrastructure and business Department, said the news release. He led the New York City, which helped the transition to the group, Long Island lighting co. electric utility system incorporated into the Long Island Power authority.

California Energy Commission, he was a member of the team in 2007, which will be assessed in the context of alternative levels of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, the effects on the cost of electricity and carbon levels in California and throughout the West.

“I am proud of the position of general manager named LADWP,” Mr. Nichols said. “The Department is facing major challenges, but with a challenge is an opportunity. If confirmed, I look forward to having to deal with the Mayor Villaraigosa, the members of the Board of the city of Water and Power Commissioners and with innovative and hardworking staff title, returns the LADWP to rebuild its credibility with their customers and ensure its success in the future. “

The Department said, Mr. Nichols is the Director of the “during the challenging period as it strives to reduce carbon emissions and move away from coal fired energy; continue to meet aggressive goals for renewable energy sources; comply with the strict and capital intensive water quality requirements; and conserve vital water and energy resources. “

Title: recent solar photovoltaic systems intends to cut incentives for solar installers, drew the attention of the outcry that said the proposal for a regulation of the harm their businesses and the costs of jobs. Department officials said that the solar incentives were currently pay much faster than expected and that the funding was carried out if the incentives have been reduced. The City Council to annul the decision, but the incentive program is aimed at a 90-day moratorium on new applications begins in January.

Municipal utility also has criticized for scaling back plans to add more renewable energy in its combination of electricity. The city lies in the middle of the nation with the worst, it retrieves the more electricity air quality out-of-state coal fired power stations than from any other source. A number of solar power plant in the case of projects which have been approved, according to a recent Southern California against mountaintop removal and coal sludge dams outside Los Angeles is scheduled for their energy to supply other cities mode.

“As the nation’s largest public services, we are in the possession of the review and a high level of scrutiny. We have to be an open organisation which is responsible for its customers and communities it serves, “Mr. Nichols said. “We must also be a professional and methodical than we balance our environmental issues and the needs of our electric and water customers in a reliable and affordable service. If given the opportunity to lead an organization, this balance, and this openness is my top priorities. “

Mr. Nichols replaces the Austin Beutner, who has served as interim general manager title since April 2010. Mr. Beutner hallintaoikeusmuodot during which he was responsible for saving the title 263 million dollars during the first month of his Office, news release said.  The increase in the number of Cuts in use to avoid the LADWP

Mr. Beutner, which is the first Deputy Mayor of “Ron Nichols holds skills lead to business while maintaining a commitment to continue to face a number of secure, reliable and affordable and the water is in the heart of the city in the coming years, many of the challenges for the title” said. “Ron’s extensive industry background, leadership experience and familiarity with the regulatory structure of the State to give him a search result in an organization.”

The appointment of Mr. Nichols, Supplement, General Manager of the selection Board, water and Power Commissioners elected President of the Board of Directors of Thomas Sayles. He replaces Lee Kanon Alpert, who announced after Thanksgiving that he retired at the end of the year. Mr. Alpert & Alpert Barr is Encino-based law-Grant to the company partner

Mr. Sayles is Executive Vice President, public and civic engagement of the University of Southern California. Prior to joining USC, Mr. Sayles served as Senior Vice President, government relations and communications, Rentech Inc., alternative fuels the company’s head office in Los Angeles.

From 1994 to 2007 Mr. Sayles worked at the San Diego-based Sempra Energy and its predecessor companies. He has also served as Chairman of the Board of the California Commissioner of corporations; California Secretary of business, transportation and housing; and the overall impact of the law in the private and public sector.

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