To extend its product line by providing SoloPower, the world’s most powerful Certified Flexible ‘ Module

SAN JOSE, Calif., 15. Dec 2010/PRNewswire/–SoloPower, Inc., flexible, thin film solar cells and modules, California-based manufacturer continues to move forward with its product line to include a newly certified SFX3-module for the extension of the invitation to tender.  Capable of producing up to 260 Wp, is the most flexible SFX3, certified, thin film ‘ the module on the paid market today.  The effectiveness of SoloPower’s mesh to continue to improve the measurement of flexible modules made the company’s production line 12.1% of the NREL.

The next narrow SFX1 module, which was the first flexible ‘ module, certified UL 1703 and IEC (61646 and 61730), in the footsteps of wider and more efficient module greatly extends the enterprise SFX3 product offers in global markets.

“In order to achieve the necessary UL and IEC standards as well as our broad and narrow modules certificate allows us to different markets, channels and sites, efficient and cost-effective solutions,” said Tim Harris, CEO of SoloPower.  “Passing certification must comply with the same requirements as the SFX1 SFX3-module was recently, we can deliver powerful, optimized for lightweight products use, as well as a little slope and standing seam metal roof systems in Europe, North America and Asia.”

“Breaking the barrier effectiveness of 12% of the mesh size of the production line-through the modules have been added to our company and underlines the need to focus on continuously improving the product,” said Harris.  “The fact that we have been improving our efficiency 11,2% of the 12 mesh. 1% in the last 6 months of the start at the same time deliver products in the global market is the last will and testament of SoloPower team’s efficiency.”

SoloPower CTO Mustafa Pinarbasi. the following point shall be inserted: “SoloPower is the first and only flexible ‘ products today certified UL 1703 and IEC (61646 and 61730) standards.  This indicates that the border of SoloPower’s technology.  Us much power Panel to improve the position of an undertaking SFX3 flexible solar segment to reduce the volume and shows us the Sun Grid parity. “

SoloPower is SFX1 and SFX3 modules for maritime Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan and Korea to customers, as well as several locations in North America.  Demand is rapidly building these powerful modules, durable, lightweight and flexible format compressed.  SFX1 module (until 85Wp, 0.292 m x 3,05 m, 2.27 kg 5 ship) and SFX3 module (up to 260 Wp, 0.88 m x 3,05 m, 6,8 kg/15 ship) is currently being prepared, San Jose, California production facility.  Is a little less than 0.5 lb. per sq. specialty SoloPower produces thin film modules weigh considerably less than traditional solar panels, which are often too heavy for the grand old buildings will be placed.

SoloPower’s flexible ‘ module to achieve IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 through TUV SUD America, Inc., certifications and ETL Mark certification UL 1703-standard through Intertek.

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