SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc. and consolidated solar photovoltaic solar installation Technologies begin to Belen High School

BELEN, N.M., 14. Dec 2010/PRNewswire/–SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc. (SCHOTT Solar) and consolidated in the Solar Technologies (CST) today inaugurated 50kW photovoltaic (PV) solar system Belen high school. The system was financed by the subsidy system, launched by the Director-General last year by using funds from the Bill Richardson, a member of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Belen is one of the 15 school districts mode will be selected through a competitive grant from the system. School District is developing solar power technology in the curriculum around a system that integrates science, business, math and social sciences. Albuquerque, New Mexico, on a consolidated basis for the Solar technologies installed 20 000 square foot State-of-the-art system using SCHOTT POLY ® solar modules.

The system is projected to yield energy savings to school more than reunaehtoon 20 000 annually.

Patricia Rael, Belen schools Superintendent “Belen schools focused on the procedure to be followed in order to partner and high-quality solar components,” said. “Consolidated Solar Technologies, click the design and construction of our system and by using SCHOTT solar panels allowed us to make both the containment conditions, creation of New Mexico.”

SCHOTT Solar, Albuquerque, and employs more than 300 local workers and is a growing economic driver for the New Mexico solar industry ecosystem.

“SCHOTT Solar is to promote a strong solar industry and for the whole of the people with the Albuquerque, New Mexico with our proven, reliable modules for growth,” said Tom Hecht, President of the one part, and the Director-General of the SCHOTT Solar PV sales, Inc.  “We are proud of the partner countries with the CST and save them money and support environment for the development of New Mexico schools deal with the books. Has won the formula in the New Mexico abundant sunshine of clean energy and local job creation tietoliikenneprotokollat. “

“SCHOTT has been continuously cooperative partner, gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of the schools in Belen,” said Mike Mattioli, Managing Director of the CST. “They allow consolidated Solar Technologies had the opportunity to develop high-quality and provide the schedule. The result is that the Belen high school is now to take advantage of the New Mexico sunshine clean renewable energy. “

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