AUO Dedicates SunPower 1,400 Megawatt Solar Cell Fab

SAN JOSE, Calif., 15. Dec 2010/PRNewswire-FirstCall/–SunPower Corporation (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB), Silicon Valley based on an efficient solar cells, solar panels and photo-voltaic, the manufacturer, today announced AUO SunPower Sdn. Bhd., a joint venture company of the solar cell fabrication facility (Fab 3) Malaysia with the inauguration of the AU Optronics Corp. (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO).  Malaysian Prime Minister temenggong Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, temenggong Datuk Seri Ali Rustam, Melaka, AUO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 721 Lee, SunPower and Tom Werner, the Chief Minister in the Federal and State officials participated in at today’s dedication.

Construction and Fab 3, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, which is located on the ramp continue through 2013 and when completed, is expected to create more than 1,400 megawatts, on a yearly basis, an efficient solar cell range.  Two of the building of the port facility is 108,000 square meters (more than 1 million square feet), which is approximately the size of seven football fields in the US and the house of the solar cell production lines fully 28 online.  After the October this year, the production of the FAB 3 has already produced approximately 5 megawatts Gen-2 solar cells 22,5% conversion efficiency.

“We are pleased to reserve the use of this possibility and to celebrate the success of the AUO SunPower-joint venture,” said Lee, AUO Chairman 7105.  “AUO SunPower-Fab is already running, by making us the leading manufacturing technology and effectively run the General actions and care.  We Welcome the Prime Minister today temenggong Datuk Seri Najib us port facility, and to thank him and the Government of Malaysia on our full support to the joint venture. “

With SunPower’s Fab 2, fully online since 2009 January, FAB has been recognized by the International Energy Agency of its 3 highly energy-efficient design.  In addition, the Fab 3 has applied for the administrative building and the cell Fab, energy and environmental Design (LEED) gold and silver certifications LeaderSHIP accordingly. Fab 3 was designed to serve several energy efficient features, which help to increase the effectiveness of the operations and reduce energy costs.  These properties include:

* The Sun covered parking, which offers 2. report on the implementation of the annual electricity generation at least 6
* Rooftop solar all site facilities for a total of more than 10 megawatts of electricity each year
* Maintenance of tracks, Rain water for environmental protection and water recycling
* Improved HVAC refrigeration and heating systems, which provides a much smaller footprint, the port facility, in the case of this size and type
* 100% of the capacity created by the warm water heating heat recovery air compressors
* Cooling efficiency of the system, which uses about 40% less power compared to a typical systems in the area of Melaka

SunPower CEO Tom Werner, “Fab 3 allows us to make a significant contribution to our efficient solar cells-the art manufacturing plant production,” said.  “Malaysia investment joint venture AUO SunPower, excellent talent pool and a positive investment climate has given us the opportunity to expand significantly in solar cell production, which meets the demand of the Sun around the world, which has grown to almost eight fold over a period of four years.  We value our partnership with the Government of Malaysia. “

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